Sad News

Such sad news to have to spread around the ‘sphere.

Today my heart is with Rara and I am wishing her strength. Today my heart is with Dave, and I am wishing him peace.

DJ Matticus has asked folks to reblog this. So please spread the word so that the ‘sphere can be there to help shore up our favorite dino.

The Matticus Kingdom

I have terrible news to share with the blogosphere today.

Horrible, no good, awful news.

Many of you knew him as Grayson Queen, author and artist extraordinaire.  Perhaps you’ve read one of his novels.  Perhaps you’ve purchased, or at least enjoyed, some of his paintings or sculptures…  Perhaps you knew that he was also Rara‘s husband, Dave.

I don’t have a lot of details, but I can confirm that Dave passed away earlier this week.

Please share this post wide and far.  Please say a prayer for Dave and Rara.  Please send her every ounce of spare energy you can muster.  She needs us.  Dave’s family and friends need us.

And send her mail to show her your love, your RawrLove:

Radhika Jaini WF0124
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA  92880

You don’t need to know what to say.  You don’t need to say anything…

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11 responses to “Sad News

  1. It is a new way to see this matter. It is interesting as well.

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  2. I will be lighting candles and saying prayers, And may the hurricane winds of change tame to gentle flowing breezes for Miss Rara and those of Daves beloved.

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  3. It is shocking news, Elyse, and I am so very sorry. What a sad reminder of the frailty of life.

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  4. Very sad to hear. Especially during what sounds like a very difficult time for her.

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  5. Thanks for spreading the news.

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  6. This dude and Rara helped me migrate Exile in Pain Street from the desert wastelands of Blogger to Word Press. I owe them.

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  7. Clinton

    Very sad. He seemed a good guy.

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