It’s a Jungle Out There

Since the video I posted about the wrong mascot for the GOP was such a hit, I figured I needed to post another animal piece.

This one represents thankfulness for healthcare.


It says it happened in “Columbia,” but I’m quite sure they mean in the “District of Columbia.”  Positive.

(My thanks to Father Kane of The Last of the Millennials who posted this video with far less snark than I.)



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44 responses to “It’s a Jungle Out There

  1. Aaaaawwww, he loved her & missed her!

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  2. PsiFiGal

    That made me tear up! Off subject, but I’m stuck in a time vortex, there are posts from the past, (like this one!) mostly early October, showing up in my reader, any idea why? It’s freaking me out!

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  3. JSD

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaww…it almost looks like he’s smiling. That’s so sweet.

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  5. That’s awesome … and just like Mitch!


  6. Jeez, Elyse, that little bit of video made me cry. Grumble, grumble. I’d say it was that time of the month if that ship had not already sailed.


  7. Julie

    HOLY COW!!! I want to be kissed by a lion!! There is another video out there of 2 guys who raised a lion and took him to Africa when he got to be too big. They went back and the lion found them. He came running at them and showed a similar “lion love”. I would have pooped my pants. You should look for that one. Or I should look for a link to that one if I can find it… and then figure out how to add the link..


  8. This only goes to show that lions are people, too! 😉

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  9. Now do some art for my contest, dang it!


  10. I think you are onto something here.


  11. lovely, were this a Republican elected official he would have eaten her face off


  12. Lovely. Although I’m pretty sure “Colombia” with two ‘o’s means the South American country, not D.C. Maybe such things really do happen there?


  13. He really showed his affection. Sweet.


  14. Definitely cute, but I think I’ll forego any lion hugs. I’d like to keep my head. At least for a while longer…


  15. Yesterday my sister stopped by for a visit, and she got totally grossed out when I let my senior dog give me kisses. I told her I’m not wasting any opportunities to return his affection. If he wants to slobber on me a little bit, then I’m okay with that. I’ll take all the doggie kisses he has left in him.

    Ironically, he’s never been an affectionate dog. His personality leans towards the aloof and independent in nature. Aggressive and bossy. But these days, after having endured three strokes, he’s become a big mush, and is suddenly all kissy-huggy. I’m totally okay with that. 🙂

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    • There are all kinds of things we let out slobbery buddies do when we fear we’d lose them. (All my dogs were allowed to kiss except Cooper. He ate disgusting things!)


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