Because I ♥ You Still

Nope, this isn’t a dozen roses.

Not a box of chocolates (milk — I wouldn’t dream of giving you dark).

Not skimpy underwear.

Just some important information from a fake medical professional and expert patient to ensure you can get those from someone else next year.  And the next.  And the next.

Know the signs and share this one with your friends.

*     *     *

It’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s Wear Red Day.  Red for heart disease. It’s the No. 1 killer of women and is more deadly than all forms of cancer.


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35 responses to “Because I ♥ You Still

  1. Make my chocolate dark please! So much better for you than milk chocolate.


  2. I intentionally wore red that day …. and see … I’m actually trying to catch up after the notifications snafu.


  3. Important reminder, thanks Elyse.


  4. cortney

    I remember this from last year, and it has new importance for me this year – my mother had a heart attack (followed by quadruple bypass) shortly before Thanksgiving, and then complications related to the procedure right before Christmas. She’s better now, and I remain thankful every day she knew the signs and knew to call without delay.

    Thank you for the humorous reminder about the issue, especially the signs of an attack – hopefully it means more lives saved, more awareness, for people just like my mom!!


    • So scary, Courtney — especially when you are so far away. Glad to hear that she’s OK, and that she knew the signs.

      My sister Judy died of heart problems while I lived in Geneva. Looking for symptoms is always in the back of my mind.


      • cortney

        So sorry about your sister … I remember your tributes to Judy on your blog, beautiful and evocative, and I cannot imagine the difficulty in dealing with her death while you were over here. Your “Valentine” is the best kind, honoring her and informing so many more.


  5. It’s scary because you just don’t know.


  6. wait… does this mean I can’t wear skimpy underwear? Because that is exactly how Hitler started… don’t be an underwear Nazi… wait… I watched the movie… I may have been missing the point a little… sorry


  7. You know, I could live with the fact that you like dogs better than cats — but milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate? Now you’ve really gone too far.


  8. This is such a great video. If I’m not mistaken, you introduced it to me last year. Love that you’re spreading the word, and this video captures it in such a real-world fashion for many women.


  9. I saw an ad saying one woman per minute dies from heart issues. I was shocked to see that statistic.


  10. dentaleggs

    Thank you for posting that, Elyse.


  11. This is a wonderful piece and a good reminder. A great one to share. Thank you.


    • It really is so well done. It has stuck in my head since I first saw it last year (I posted it then, too). And that ending is just priceless because it is soooo true!


  12. Gifts that last a lifetime are so much better than chocolate! Thank you.


  13. Very sobering! Hugs for sharing and reminding.


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