If you compliment a cupcake….

I’ve just joined Diamonds or Dust looking to give/get valuable input on ways to improve my writing and to help other folks improve theirs. Check it out; see if it might be something that would work for you, too.

Diamonds or Dust

vanilla cupcake 3To help explain what Diamonds or Dust is about, let me tell you about my thesis.   If you give a human a compliment on their cupcakes, they’ll want to take out a fifty thousand dollar loan and start a cupcake business that will probably fail.

Living in Southern California, I’ve seen a number of boutique cupcake shops open up in nearby malls, but we’re living in a world that is dying from diabetes and obesity.

So how well can a five dollar cupcake really do?  Enough to pay off the loan to purchase the baking equipment, store front redecoration, rent and pay yourself?  Probably not.

In fact, it was probably a very bad business move.

So why did they do it?

Because one day someone offered to make cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party.  And the cupcakes were pretty good, and everyone said so, and then they said, “You could…

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33 responses to “If you compliment a cupcake….

  1. How does it work. I was part of Critique Circle, an online critique group, for about two years. I learned a great deal about constructive criticism–giving it mostly. I seemed to be among the rare ones in this large community who spent the necessary time and energy on others’ submissions to give thorough critiques. When I submitted mine, the feedback I got was vague and superficial 90% of the time. That’s why I quit the group. I was putting in way more time on other’s people’s writing than I was getting back help for my own, plus it left me less time to write.

    What is this group’s structure and rules?


    • Check out their website (through the link in this post). The rules are there.

      You are right to be wary — because you never do know.

      Still, I know that I, like others, need the plain truth about what is working and what isn’t. Whether something is interesting only to me or if it is suitable for a wider audience. If I am going to engage or bore readers with too much information.

      So I’m giving it a go!


  2. But Elyse, you are already spectacular. You have two Oscars and write like Margaret Mitchell. Come on, what? Do you just want to be petted and stroked?

    I will have to go check it out.


    • I want it all, Val!

      But seriously, I think that blogging is great for honing skills and getting positive feedback. I think though that everybody needs somebody to tell them what doesn’t work and what can be improved and what just doesn’t make sense. Everybody needs an editor!


  3. Interesting idea. As an art student giving and taking critiques was brutal and mandatory – it made me a better artist.


    • I agree. It is hard to let people know what does’t work, but everybody needs to know that. In fact, that is one of the problems I have with modern parenting. Kids are told hey walk on water when they are simply stuck in the mud!


  4. Yay! Thanks for spreading the word, Elyse! 🙂


  5. Freeking auto correct! It’s buttercream frosting, not butterflies. Son of a bitch.


  6. Here here! And if they’re going to make red velvet cupcakes, they’d better make sure they have the original frosting recipe that goes with it. And it is neither a creamed cheese nor a butterflies frosting.


  7. cooper

    I’ve had compliments on my brownies but I’ve never applied for a loan…I MUST BE ABNORMAL!!!!


  8. This is a great idea. I just joined.


  9. Clinton

    I am Grumpy Cat. I’ve never met a person that I didn’t despise. Their oh-so-eloquent thoughts are like farts, offending my nose. Love me and despair!


  10. bigsheepcommunications

    Very cool.


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