National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, Sept. 25

Reblogged from Dailykos.

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day.  If you need to register or check on your current registration, this website contains a widget that will help you.

Elections matter.


Open thread for night owls: National Voter Registration Day, happens Tuesday, Sept. 25.


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8 responses to “National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, Sept. 25

  1. cooper

    I’d like to register some voters….
    (never heard it called register before…)


  2. just shared and tweeted. i think you show up on my facebook and twitter more than i do!!


    • Thanks, Nonnie. It’s the only way I’ll get to either since I am a Neanderthal. Or a troglodyte. Or someone who doesn’t do social media. Because of course, blogs are terribly antisocial. Just ask my husband who is in the other room.


  3. Keep pushing, Elyse, lest we turn into Belarus. 😉


  4. You are doing a swell job at keeping us updated on voter information!!


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