Take the Long Way Home

Some things never change.

“That boy was NEVER where he was supposed to be!” That was Mom’s mantra whenever telling her favorite stories of our childhood.  Invariably they involved Bob. (It sucks to be a late entry into a big family.)

“People talk about the ‘terrible twos!” she’d say.  “Well Bob was “a terrible two” for five years!”

Everybody agreed that Bob was quite a handful.

If you believe the stories, even before he could walk, Bob could escape:

  • His crib
  • His room
  • The house

He would leave the house, and appear at local businesses in his jammies.  He went to the local bakery where he was given donuts, at the local restaurants where he was given pancakes, and at the homes of relatives who lived in the neighborhood.  Usually before they had started their day.  He was a friendly little tike.  Or else he was hungry.

“I’m sure the whole neighborhood thought I was starving that kid!” Mom laughed. “I was mortified, and terrified that somebody would call the police on me for neglecting my son.”

Well, somethings never change.

Bob, after his death, escaped. And it cracked me up.

Bob was supposed to be sent to one funeral home, but he was sent to a different one.  It took nearly 24 hours to get him to the correct place.

I love the idea that Bob wandered around town, one last time.  I hope someone gave him a donut.

Some things never change.


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26 responses to “Take the Long Way Home

  1. I think I would have liked Bob. And given him donuts as well…..

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  2. It seems Bob was just being Bob right to the end and then some. I so appreciate that you have share your family stories with us over the years. I like to think it is how you keep your loved ones alive for ever. Living and laughing.

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  3. I’m glad Bob was still able to be Bob even after he was gone. Nice of him to give you one last laugh.

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  4. Some people say that they see a butterfly or a bird or a rainbow when a loved one has died and know that their loved one is sending a message. Bob outdid that big time. I like his style.

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  5. Oh this is lovely Elyse, especially at such a sad time, and obviously in keeping with Bob’s character.

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  6. True to himself to the end!

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  7. Laurie Hughes

    I love this, Elyse. A wonderful tribute.

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  8. Good for Bob for getting in one last adventure. And who knows, maybe he was enjoying a donut while watching this whole comedy of errors play out.

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    • That’s exactly what I thought, Tippy. Another night out for the boy! (My brother Fred speculated that maybe the whole thing was a hoax and Bob was at home laughing at us … (sadly, no).

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  9. Kelly Boardman


    Beautiful, brings me back to times spent at the Evers’ kitchen watching the “show,” I think I can hear the train applauding such a fine description of love and family-

    Sorry for your loss


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    • That was a good place to be, our kitchen. And that was one of my very favorite things about the way we were raised — everybody was welcome in our house. I’m glad you remember it fondly too.

      Thanks for your sympathies, too.

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  10. You got a laugh out of it. That’s the healthy and appropriate response. It’s what he would’ve done as well, I’m sure.

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  11. What a lovely way to remind you of his younger escapades! So sorry for the loss of your brother, and may he live on in the laughter in your hearts ❤

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  12. So moving and so funny. I’m sorry for your loss.

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  13. Oh my goodness, if only your bro could read this post. I like to think that he is reveling in the craziness of his demise. It is pretty funny that he was lost between funeral homes. You are the best sister possible to write this with love and humour. I think you are being very strong and that is a good thing. Stay well, dear lady

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    • Is’t it hilarious? How bizarre. But it has made me and other family members laugh. And THAT is oh so important under the circumstances!

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      • It is great that you and the family can laugh. It is said that we are not to mourn but to celebrate death. I have not found much humor when a close family member dies but many families do tell funny stories and that does help to soften the reality of death.

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        • I think this way of dealing with grief is especially common in folks with Irish heritage, like my family. Humor helps everything.

          And no, there is nothing funny about death, or illness, or grieving. But it happens and we rarely have any choice but to deal with it however we can.

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