Red Alert


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24 responses to “Red Alert

  1. Truer words were never spoken.

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  2. I’m late in responding (as I often am) but this post was a perfect one for Halloween. Nothing scarier than a POTUS who is delusional.

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  3. Psychopathy, sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits. — Wikipedia

    Sound familiar? Somewhere, he has a list. Repeal and replace. Build a wall. Big tax cuts (for the rich). Eliminate anything Obama ever did. Get even for humiliation at White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Appease base. It all seems so obvious. We are in deep do-do.

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  4. THIS IS A GOOD POST!!! Sorry to use all capitals here but I needed to stress how I feel. I think I liked everybody’s comment but I might have missed one or two. I am in total agreement with your post and the commenters. It is good and sad to know that I am not alone in dealing with worry and anxiety over this man’s handling of his duties.

    Model T is trigger finger happy as he tweets away and continues to make irrational remarks about un Jong as he calls him “little rocket man.” He continues to incense the man who is way smarter than Model T. It is two bullies butting heads as the GOP members of the house and senate sit back and do nothing. Most of them seem oblivious to a dire situation and all they are worried about are tax cuts, changing Medicare/Medicaid and social security and axing all the good that was accomplished during Obama’s time in office.

    I think your commenters are right about the folks who voted for him. The Trump supporters are really closet racists and now it is ok to let everything hang because their Messiah has spoken and is going to take back America and make it great again. Of course that was a message. I am not a real smart person, but could read between the lines. Anyone that could not see that the man was missing some marbles were/are fools. I think they are still expecting miracles from their idol.

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  5. Susan from Boston

    What I cannot wrap my head around is how some of my highly educated family and/or friends voted for this idiot and eat up his rhetoric and believe all news is “Fake News” except: Faux 25 News.

    What I am learning is, deep down, some of these people, whom I once held dear to my heart, are closeted racists, only thanks to Drumpf, they can wear their racism out in the open and with pride. My best friend, who is a woman, voted for Drumpf AND last year, chanted “Lock her up! Locker her up!” I couldn’t believe she bought into that Drumpf witch hunt. I told her, “You know [insert real name], I’d be very careful, we live in Mass and the Salem Witch Trials weren’t that long ago. If you’re so willing to lynch a woman who’s been accused of something not clearly defined as ‘illegal’, then anyone can be accused and hung without a fair trial.”

    Additionally, when I asked her why she hates Hilary, she said, “She belongs in jail.” I asked, “Why? Why does she belong in jail?” My friend said, “Because of those emails.” I said, “She didn’t do anything illegal. Maybe it was wrong, but it wasn’t illegal.” Bottom line: My friend didn’t want to hear it.

    This feels like The Hand Maid’s Tale and The Salem Witch Hunt. I had no idea my best friend could be so easily brainwashed. To say it has strained our friendship, would be an understatement.

    I fear for those of us who are awake and can see what Drumpf, his Admin and the Rethuglicans are doing to the U.S.A.

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    • I know exactly how you feel. My best friend voted for W and I just couldn’t fathom that. Thankfully, she has come around, or mostly. It is hard when you learn that somebody supports something that makes your whole body squirm.

      The vast right wing conspiracy really did a number on Hillary, who really is a good person, who has always tried to do the right thing. Or usually, anyway.

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  6. Was the Red in the title supposed to be ironic? Asking for my friend Vladimir.

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  7. He’s a treat … the people who support him are a threat … the people in his party who chose to ignore him are a threat …. and the list can go on.

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  8. I disagree. The greatest threat is the people who voted for him even knowing what kind of idiot he is. The people who thought it was refreshing that he “speaks his mind.” The Christians who, despite all evidence to the contrary, think he’s a man of God. He is a threat, but the people who believe him and follow him are a greater threat.

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  9. Not only is he a danger to the US and to the world – he is individually making us sick and anxious. So he is a danger to each of us PERSONALLY.

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    • Yes! I agree completely. I honestly am having such anxiety, I can’t read or write any more. It’s horrible. I worry about the future of the planet, the country, my family and friends all the time.

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