Fertility vs. Virility

These changes are being brought to you by men. Men who cannot get pregnant. Men who are well insured. Men who can pay for the doctors or an abortion.

Let women make choices about women’s bodies.


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5 responses to “Fertility vs. Virility

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog!

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  2. I recently read this story. We are going backwards under Twitler, Price and Sessions.



  3. Thanks for pointing us in that direction. I’m now following Behind the White Coat, and left the following comment over in their space:

    “Found your blog via fiftyfourandahalf. Interesting post. Not only relevant and timely, but horrifically true from so many different angles. Necessary to call this truth into the light, even though it tends to boil our blood, all while leaving a trail of despondency rotting on the page. Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t be speaking about it, but rather, demands that we keep the conversation alive.”

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