The Day in a Quote

I’d add a hopeful one: “Temporary”

The Last Of The Millenniums

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14 responses to “The Day in a Quote

  1. Unfortunately, 8 years is “temporary”, too. So I’ll go with either of the other three words.

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  2. Surprised “nauseating” didn’t crack the top three.

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  3. Clinton

    How about ‘traitor?’

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  4. Dumbass comes to my mind but that’s not strong enough.

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  5. Susan from Boston

    I prefer: Shit Head. But Idiot, Liar and Incompetent also work. 🙂

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  6. I would have thought fuckwad piece of rancid shit would have been number one.

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  7. At first, I was actually in the ‘you’ve got to give him a chance’ camp. Okay. I’m over that. Off with his head.

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