Trump has skin thinner than his wife and an ego bigger than my ass.

If you haven’t read this, you should. It’s what we’re all thinking and feeling.

Elitists UNITE!

Margaret and Helen

helen-mug1 HELEN:

Margaret, somebody called me an elitist because I think Trump and his supporters are morons.   I wasn’t’ quite sure what being an elitist means these days and I am pretty sure most people using that as an insult probably don’t either so I looked it up. After all, I’m just a little ole’ gal born in Georgia and I am not sure I qualify to be an elitist.

Now the Oxford Dictionary says an elitist is someone who supports the view that a society or system should be led by an elite.  Well that just begged the question: What is an elite?  I got confused at first because evidently an Elite is a size of letter in typewriting, with 12 characters to an inch. Of course, for this particular scenario it also means a select group that is superior in terms of their ability or qualities to…

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27 responses to “Trump has skin thinner than his wife and an ego bigger than my ass.

  1. In fairness, his skin is stretched pretty tight.


  2. That was a feisty post! Is it happening, Elyse? Is it really happening?

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  3. Interestingly, all those people complaing elite politicians have no qualms about getting service from the elite doctors, watching elite athletes, and so on.

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  4. All I could think when I saw the title was that you must have the tiniest ass in the world. 😉 Oh, wait, that’s hands. Which apparently means something else. Which I always thought it was about a man’s feet. Who knew? What happens if a man has small feet and large hands … or large feet and small hands? It’s all just too confusing.

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  5. Shortly after the election I recommended to DT that he develop thick skin … and it’s obvious that he didn’t listen to me.

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  6. I love Margaret and Helen! They should have gotten the 6:00 slot on MSNBC instead of Greta von Susteren.

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  7. So sorry. I got the names mixed up in my comment. Helen (of Margaret and Helen blog) is the one who does all the writing and Margaret chimes in at the end with something funny.

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  8. Superb post. I used to read Margaret and Helen and then they didn’t post for a stretch and I didn’t go back. I thought that one of them had died and had just stopped writing. Their blog is too spot-on and too funny. I love it. Margaret lives in Texas. Some of the posts are just rolling on the floor funny. God love Margaret who is the main writer.

    Thank you for finding them for me. I am pleased as punch to know the blog is living and well.

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  9. I’m praying he goes off script on Friday. Oh, what a show that’ll be.

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  10. Thanks. Good and true. I passed it on to my nearest and dearest.

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