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Pride and Tragedy

Blood is needed in Orlando because yet another guy had a gun. If anybody is reading this and can help, please do so!

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I’ve lived in the same building for over 5 years, so you’d think I’d have figured out by now when to expect pride parades and other events organizing on my doorstep. But nope — catches me unawares every time.

Given the news out of Orlando this morning, though, I am finding my usual “cranky local folk” reaction transcended by a flood of love for this vibrant, defiant, resilient community I dance on the edges of.

We are #stillhere.

We are #stillqueer.

And in the face of slaughter, still we march beneath rainbows.

IMG_20160612_114106122 Photo taken from my stoop as I stepped outside today.

[URGENT: In the wake of the largest mass murder attack in the US since 9/11, the city is in dire need of blood donations to treat the casualties (and, gods willing, to prevent the death count from rising above the 50 perished souls where it now stands). If you are in…

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