Where Has America Gone?

I found this thoughtful piece through my friend, Father Kaine at the Last of the Milleniums. It sums up so beautifully exactly what has happened in our country in recent years, and exactly what we should all, IMHO, fight against.

Lean Left

That headline might be somewhat puzzling to most of you.  But, I believe it must be asked.  We often hear about “American Exceptionalism” and the “Land of the Free.”  It is time to consider just what those terms actually mean.  Next week is Thanksgiving.  It is a time for us to reflect on our good fortune for living in such a good country.  And, yes, America is a good country.

The problem is that somewhere we seem to have lost our way.  Somewhere we have lost our vision.  Somewhere we seem to have lost our identity.  This is shown by the rhetoric that has permeated our politics for the last 7 years or so.  We have gone from a country where everyone can live their dream to one that claims only certain people can live the dream.

American Exceptionalism is not what the Republican candidates are saying it is.  To…

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14 responses to “Where Has America Gone?

  1. Really thoughtful piece … thanks for sharing it.

    I wonder if it’s not so much where America has gone … but, where can we head to? I think many of the things that made us exceptional were part of a bygone era – invention, industry. There’s an element that wants to stay wedded to that past that, really, is no longer there. And, they’re the same people that are so wedded to that ideal that keep us from trying to find a new exceptionalism ….

    We can still invent, still be industrious … but, as the article points out, it’s the American Heart that has carried us along. Sure, we’ve done dumb things and some really bad things … but, we eventually come to our senses and try to get it right. Yet, we seem to have forgotten all that. It’s like we’re retreating back to the days when we’re scared of anyone ‘different’. And, that’s sad.

    We’ve had periods where signs have been hung, “Blacks not allowed”, “Irish not welcome”; we’ve rounded up people purely because of their race. I like to be optimistic, but lately, it feels more and more like we’re going to start seeing the “not welcome” signs hanging again.

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  2. Thanks for featuring such a persuasive and thoughtful post. On a happier note you might enjoy The Immortal Jukebox’s current Thanksgiving toasty to the many glories of American music. Regards Thom

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  3. Makes me wonder if America ever was that way or if we’ve just idolized our past…Sorry, I know that pessimistic, but there isn’t too much of late to get all optimistic about.

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    • I think we have a lot going for us as a country. But now we’re not willing to pitch in and work together and pool resources (eg. TAXES) to get things done. We are just fat old men looking for sammiches.

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  4. Now and then someone says what needs to be said, and we weep.

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  5. Thanks, Elyse, for pointing me to that post.

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