Around The Web – ‘Koch Bros – It’s the evil thing’

My liberal confession — I once worked for an organization who represented the Koch brothers — although they were not the evil twins they are now.

I reblog this as my penance …


The Last Of The Millenniums


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19 responses to “Around The Web – ‘Koch Bros – It’s the evil thing’

  1. Too funny … and I imagine you singing this in the office, in the car, when walking the dog, and even on the toilet.

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  2. Love this, follow already but still it is worth another view.

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  3. Oh, fantastic! This Mom of three Occupy Wall street Veterans salutes you! Vote Bernie!

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  4. Oh, that video is too precious for words! Is that your new theme song?

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  5. Don’t get me started…

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  6. Outstanding, Elyse. Hurrah for freedom of speech!

    As in every presidential election, there is more at stake than merely who’s the decider for four years. It’s who gets appointed to the SCOTUS with the power, sometimes for decades, to make and change the laws that govern our culture. The various states have now been gerrymandered to favor the Dick Cheney’s of the land and the Koch’s are close to engineering complete control for the 1%. There’s never been a time more important to get the vote out.

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    • Absolutely. But I have to say, even an activist like me suffers from serious Hillary fatigue I think she will make a good president, but I am tired of the same old arguments (with some new ones for good measure) …


      • Hillary fatigue. I agree. She seems to want the job too badly and for the wrong reasons. I would even prefer Uncle Joe, gaffes and all. But, if it’s her against any of the 17, she’ll get my vote.

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        • Mine too. I like Joe, and I like Bernie. Bernie would go down like Dukakis, I fear. Joe? Maybe. But it’s not gonna be him. I know it’ll be Hillary. But I think she’ll be a good prez, but oy vey.


  7. Glazed

    That song leaves me feeling thirsty, for a cool bubbling bottle of fairness and democracy.

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  8. I’m old enough to remember the original advert, though I was very young at the time. I prefer this version, but I wish it wasn’t necessary. 😦

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  9. Paul

    Ha! Very cool Elyse. I knew they ran a republican super-pac but I wasn’t aware of how much they had until; I googled them – $115 billion dollars – whew!

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  10. Ha! Awesome share. 🙂

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  11. I had seen this already. Good thing ! !

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