Who could forget our own Dinosaur? I don’t twitter r tweet or whatever, but wanted to pass this on to folks who do. Welcome back, Rara!

To help in a more practical way, check out this post:  https://fearnoweebles.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/rawrlove-for-rara/


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20 responses to “#RawrLove

  1. Wow, Elyse. I’m looking forward to reading her blog and supporting her. Thanks for posting this.

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  2. Woo Hoo! Welcome back to your blogger family Rara!

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  3. Although we don’t “know” Rawr, we at “Poody Heads” provided her husband with much needed publicity and “care package” funding while she was incarcerated (https://poodyheads.wordpress.com/2014/07/11/so-you-thought-bloggers-couldnt-go-to-jail/).

    I was broken-hearted when I heard about her husband. Without him to act as intermediary, I was concerned that Rawr might not realize how much we missed her and continued to stand behind her. I hope she’s finally out now.

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  4. I’ve never heard of her, but I feel intrigued. Can you fill us in, Elyse?


    • That’s a big task, Glazed.

      Rara is a blogger extraordinaire. A wonderful soul who exudes kindness with every word. She’s an honest, peaceful soul, and every word she writes makes you feel good.

      Her blog was a mix of prose, poetry and art. But it was always brought joy.

      She was married to another wonderful blogger, Dave, who went by the pen name Grayson Queen. Dave too was warm, sensitive and generous with his time.

      A year and a half ago, they gave up a huge fight. Rara had been (falsely) accused of a crime. They had no money to fight the legal battle (they had for several years in a David vs. Goliath match that sadly wen the other way). They ended up with a choice between Rara going to jail for 1-1/2 years or continuing to fight a fight they had no money for, and likely losing and being jailed for much longer. They chose door no. 1.

      Rara’s been keeping in touch with some of us via https://thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com/ and a couple of others. Some of us have been writing to her in jail, trying to keep up her spirits.

      But the worst thing happened in May. Two months before Rara was to get out, Dave caught an infection and died.

      The whole story is heartbreaking. Especially the fact that today she gets out, and her husband is not there.

      She has a whole army of bloggers that follow her, that have been writing to her in prison, who will be glad to hear she’s out. Who will jump high when they see her first post in their inbox.

      A whole army of folks who believe in her innocence.

      I’m one of them.

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  5. I promised myself I would not act as if attached to my computer, but … I keep checking, as if she might already have posted, even understanding that’s not likely the case. 🙂


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