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Ummmm, ¿Jeb! ?

Well now.

You know how they say that folks who don’t study history are condemned to repeat it?  Well, today I learned that it really doesn’t take all that long!  In fact, we may very well witness history repeating itself again!


OK.  I read that just recently, <i>¿Jeb! [last name unknown] said the following in response to Donald Trump’s fearmongering:

Jeb Bush on Trump: ‘A Republican will never win by striking fear in people’s hearts’

Ummm, ¿Jeb! ? Where’ve you been all my life?  Or all of yours!

Perhaps some introductions are in order!

The Bro and the Bad Man Google Image

The Bro and the Bad Man
Google Image

Rummy and The Dick

Rummy and The Dick

And from your very own Daddy-O, H.W. and his hatchet man,, Lee Attwater:

 Oooh, ooh!  Don’t forget St. Ronnie!

Ronald ReaganAin’t it hilarious that he started his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi?  You know — Where those three civil rights workers were murdered for the crime of registering black voters?

And, of course, that architect of “The Southern Strategy,” Tricky Dick!

Richard Nixon and the Southern Strategy

(For the young ‘uns, Wikipedia describes it this way:

The Southern strategy refers to a Republican Party strategy in the late 20th century of gaining political support for presidential candidates in the Southern United States by appealing to regional racial tensions and history of segregation.)

But you’re probably right, ¿Jeb! Republicans never get elected by appealing to fear.

Well,  not too often, anyway.


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