WTF DO They Want?

It should say

It should say “Full-Bodied WHINE,” actually.
New Yorker Cartoon

Multi-tasking, as usual, I nearly choked this morning as I placed my breakfast on a small plate.   You see, the plate had the New Yorker Cartoon shown above; I had one eye on my breakfast and one eye on the news on my iPad. [For the record, reading the news while eating will get more and more dangerous as November 2016 approaches.]

What did I see that caused me to choke without taking a bite?  This headline:

Marco Rubio And Five Members Of Congress Voted For Florida’s ‘Scarlet Letter’ Adoption Bill


Apparently, 2016 GOP hopeful for the “big tamale” Senator Marco Rubio voted in favor of a bill that was designed just for women!  Things got even better for women when then-Governor (and 2016 GOP hopeful for his turn in the family mansion) Jeb Bush signed that special bill into law.  You know, to keep things nice for nice women.  To treat special women, well, differently. Or to make certain women feel special.  Or at least to get them noticed.

It was a bill that required unwed pregnant women wishing to put their babies up for adoption to post their recent sexual histories in the newspaper before they could place their baby for adoption.  The ostensible reason is to find the fathers and make sure their rights are secured.  There was no exception to this law for rape or incest.

Think about that for a moment.  With the GOP, it’s “Damned if you do, Damned if you Don’t,”  ain’t it.  At least when it comes to sex, anyway.  I mean for women.

For men? Have at ’em, boys.

These folks, these MEN are opposed to virtually everything that has to do with sex, sexuality and the possible outcomes of that instinct in all of us to procreate.  They oppose

Birth Control


Planned Parenthood

Preventive Care for Pregnant Mothers


Pre-School Education

Day Care

In fact, I’m pretty sure that unless it involve GOP control of an embryo, it’s verboten.

But this one took me by surprise.  Because now they oppose Adoption as a solution to unwanted pregnancy too? What the hell is left besides infanticide?  Do they promote infanticide?

They believe that regulation is bad, evil. Unless, of course, it involves a woman’s vagina and/or uterus.

What is wrong with these men?  Maybe they just have don’t know how to act towards women.  Because, you know, they’re rather old fashioned. Their fashions, in fact, go all the way back to the Dark Ages.

This is what you get for burnin' them bras in the '60s.  (Google image)

This is what you get for burnin’ them bras in the ’60s. (Google image)

And it’s such good news for the GOP that Rubio voted for this bill.  Because the article notes that Rubio’s support for the bill will give Jeb Bush “cover” for having signed it into law.  It’s all hunky dory!  I guess all the guys were doing it, so it’s OK. Just the way all the frat boys do it. Ammirite?

Can you say “mysogynist” ten times fast?

noun: misogynist; plural noun: misogynists
1. a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
woman-hater; More
Synonyms:  antifeminist, (Male) chauvinist, sexist, hater;
informal: male chauvinist pig
“he apparently deserved his reputation as a misogynist.”
adjective: misogynist
1. relating to or characteristic of a misogynist
     “a misogynist attitude”
It would be nice if this sort of thing were ancient history.  But it’s not.  While Jebby stated in his 1995 book, Profiles in Character (Subtitle,no doubt is “Don’t Make Me Barf,”) he restated it again more recently.  Yup. Jeb Bush said that he believes that unwed mothers should be publicly shamed, and doing so would lower the number of unwanted (e.g. unmarried) pregnancies!  What a hoot!  Imagine the fun.  Yup, let’s bring the stocks back out into the public square.
Google Image

Google Image

Now you know, I think Jeb is on to something.  Maybe he’s in the right church, wrong pew.  Maybe public shaming IS necessary.
Let’s be sure, though, that we shame the proper people.  Let’s start with Jeb.  And his big bro.  Then we can warm up to the other folks that either lied us into war or damaged our economy, perhaps irreparably.  Let’s shame them publicly, for their lies.  For their acrimony.  For their partisanship.  For their totally misplaced moral outrage.
And let the first stone be thrown by the first woman who had to publish her sexual history in the Florida newspapers because of two men Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.  Two men who, with any luck at all, will never be president.
The law was repealed after about two years following a lawsuit.  Poor Jeb had to repeal the law. Obviously, he acted against his convictions.  Which of course makes him two-faced in addition to being misogynistic.  What a guy.  I’d love to have him for my leader.


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47 responses to “WTF DO They Want?

  1. I did a post about multi-tasking once… it ended up like all my ideas do… badly…


  2. I guess this all part of the PLAN…Hang on for a rough ride into our future…but have your seatbelt on and Insurance papers with you as you will need them to avoid the firery furnance.

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  3. Willing to bet ole Jeb can’t pronounce it. Keep ranting!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I bet this law only got repealed after a few women announced Jeb! and/or Marco as possible fathers.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am married and my wife echoes your thoughts. I am sure Jeb is a nice person but he is a regulator of the thought police. We have to neatly fit into his package of thoughts or else he will alter them through legislation.

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  6. Just reading about Jeb Bush gets the blood boiling. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing. The trouble is we can’t count him out. I never thought Bush Jr. would get re-elected and I was wrong. Now we may be in for Bush 3. Its heart-breaking.


  7. I find it amazing that, in this day and age, that the GOP thinks women are so powerful that they can conceive babies on their own (thus need to be shamed/punished on their own). No wonder they are afraid of us and feel the need to control us… 😉

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  8. It was a stupid law, and obviously everybody who is conservative hates everybody who isn’t a majority shareholder at Halliburton. But it is possible that a teeny, tiny part of the motivation for this law was to make sure fathers have some say in whether or not their children are given up.

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    • I might feel a little less strongly about this if it weren’t for the fact that there were no exceptions for rape or incest. but there are ways of demanding that women contact folks without highlighting them in the newspaper, too.

      I get it that fathers should have rights too. Unless that father would be grandfather, too. Then, well, screw them.

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  9. I can only assume this post is some kind of historical piece, surely nothing like that could happen today, right? RIGHT?!


    • Well, it kind of is. this law was passed in 2001-ish, and repealed after it was declared unconstitutional by a court. But these are the same folks who are trying to get into higher office. Their opinions haven’t changed. All that’s changed is that people forget (or never knew to begin with). These damn bad pennies keep on turning up. (In our vaginas!)


  10. I love it when you get riled up. There’s nothing like Elyse with a good head of steam to wake my ass up in the morning. Don’t forget to tune in to Jeb’s announcement today! Do you know why he waited so long? Because if he’s not a candidate, he can collect as much money as he wants. Once they declare, they come under campaign finance laws. In all fairness, Hillary did the same. I find them all reprehensible.

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    • So glad to be of service, Mark! I just can’t wait for “Jeb!” later today. You can bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be watching it, checkbook in hand. (Did I date myself with that sentence — bippy and checkbook?)

      Yes, the funding if vile. Thank you SCOTUS!

      I am sick of this election and it hasn’t even started.


  11. As I’m reading this the news is on in the background announcing that good ole Jeb will officially come out tomorrow as a candidate.
    I’m beyond stunned at the insanity behind this “law”. Their obsession with vaginas tells me there is a lack there of in their lives. I wonder how this would be handled if their own daughters were in this position… or are their vaginas exempt?

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  12. It is stunning the lengths these neanderthal asshats will go to. I had not heard about this one, will have to add it to the list I am compiling for my next post (hope you don’t mind).

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    • Isn’t it amazing? I mean, really, if you cut out contraception, abortion and now adoption, what is left? Because sex will happen. And with their die-hard belief in amnesty only, well, pregnancy will happen too.

      Asshats is right. I look forward to your list!


  13. I heard about this a few days ago and was – again – completely floored (although, not surprised) by the arrogance of the ultra-right. Fortunately, the laws they have supported as they have tried to pander to their conservative base will (I hope) come back to bite them when they try to appeal to the rest of the voters. Are they too blinded by their righteousness to see that they are becoming the American Taliban?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a perfect description for them. The American Taliban. You are brilliant.

      The problem is, the Taliban is doing pretty damn well. Did you read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini? Terrifying story, beautifully told. I sometimes feel like we are living that story, only we’re just in the first chapter.


  14. I’m just shaking my head a bit here. The law sounds more than ridiculous, but sadly that is not unusual

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    • Isn’t it bizarre? What a thing to do to somebody. These folks really are just completely nuts — obsessed with things that they should just keep their grubby hands off of!


  15. Glazed

    I wonder if one day some scandal will break, about Jeb or Marco having a gay affair, having raped someone, or some other sordid thing. After all, look at Dennis Hastert. When people advocate weird laws, I just wonder if there isn’t something weird lurking inside them.


    • I’m always rooting for those types of scandals with these “holier than thou” sorts. Always. And they do keep happening, because as you pointed out, “there is something weird lurking inside them.”

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  16. Clinton

    Is this not a fourth amendment issue?


    • I imagine that’s why the court struck it down. Of course with the weirdos these crazy GOP governors are putting on the bench, who knows what will happen in the future.


  17. Well now … there’s an interesting law. Wonder if it appear in other states?


  18. Paul

    Wow. That’s an incredible tale Elyse. I am constantly ambushed by the US political right – they seem to be solidly rooted … in the 15th century. Scary, just scary. Can you imagine such an attitude in charge of the world’s largest military and economy? And with the power to use nuclear weapons at will? OMG.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sadly, we’re close enough to it that we don’t need to work our imaginations too hard. They are there, and they have a whole lot of power.

      As a kid, I was always confused about how the Dark Ages followed the Greeks and the Romans. Now I’ seeing it happen.


  19. The way they go about this, one would think women alone were responsible for pregnancies out of wedlock. Last I checked, it takes two to make a baby. Why are the acts of the men not targeted as well? It’s as if they’re not even in the equation.

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