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Another D Day — Duncan Day!

One year ago today, my little family expanded.  Duncan — an Australian Shepherd/English Springer Spaniel (and we think Flat-coated Retriever — had arrived.  And life hasn’t been quite the same.

After an initial health scare that sent him to the doggy ER (and nearly to doggy heaven) he’s grown up to be a great guy.  I just thought I’d give you all an update on the beast.

Da Da Duncan — Through the year:

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Duncs isn’t the most photogenic of dogs.  And he’s camera shy.  But I do try …

*     *     *

Duncan’s 1st year with us is just the latest thing that I’m celebrating this week.  Somehow in the past week we’ve seen Obamacare saved, Marriage of people to whom they love permitted nationwide, and the overdue retirement of the Stars and Bars.  While I don’t pretend that all of the opponents of any of these measures are going to take defeat gracefully, well, they were defeated.  And that is damn good news all around!


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