Toilet Slide

You know I have the best interests of all of my bloggin’ buddies in mind when I reblog this post, don’t you? But don’t blame me. Frank, of A Frank Angle ( brought it to my attention. So please, send him your used poop hats as a thank you!

Curmudgeon at Large

From a Time July 2014 article:

A new exhibit hopes to remove the taboo of “potty talk” — or flush it away — to raise awareness about pressing sewage disposal issues worldwide, as the UN estimates 2.5 billion people globally do not have access to proper sanitation.

Toi1     Toi2

People who visit The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo don hats shaped like poop and go down a slide inside a giant toilet that is supposed to simulate the journey of human excrement. Models of different toilets around the globe are also on display.

As one visitor summed the show’s draw, “It’s not every day that you can become feces.”

There is something both amusing and slightly disturbing about this exhibit.  Wearing a poop hat gives new meaning to getting shit-faced.

I can see The New Yorker, famous for its cartoon captions, having a contest on an…

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24 responses to “Toilet Slide

  1. Is there no end to what people will do if it’s in a museum and deemed educational? I mean, really…a poop hat?

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  2. You and Frank together are ‘flushing’ out bad habits!!

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  3. I accidentally caught myself watching a late night TV program that was all about how those “disposable wipes” were gumming up our sanitation stations. It came complete with disgusting video of the poor guy with his giant rake who had to skim off the tons of used wipes so the sewage could proceed through the sterilization machine. Talk about a shitty job. Ewwww.

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  4. Whooda thunkit? I would so have gone down that slide! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Well that was a shitty start to my day. 😉

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  6. As one who is at service, I’m proud of this recommendation and your endorsement.


  7. Paul

    Very nice. ha!


  8. Awesome! (Said in a sing-song voice full of joy…)

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