Shades of Gray — Copycat Edition

Doobster of Mindful Digressions named me in a photography challenge.

And since I am really a rotten photographer (but I do Google Images with finesse), I figured, what the hell.

Here are the rules:

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Post a black & white photo daily for five posts in a row.
  2. Invite someone different to participate each day.

Ummm, except for photos of my black and white dog, which I take in color but still end up being black and white due to the subject matter, I don’t really do black and white.  I don’t do much in color, either.

But here goes.

My old headder in color

My old headder in color


And now, if I can figure out how to do it …

Does this work?

Does this count?


OK.  I’ll do it right.  I think ..

I did it!  With Doobster's help.

I did it! With Doobster’s help.


I’m going with the color one(s), I don’t know about you!

These are pictures of the place in Maine where my family goes in the summer — and occasionally in the winter.

I’m not going to challenge anyone to do this — feel free to do it and link to Doobster.  But it is kind of neat to see my photo in black and white.


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46 responses to “Shades of Gray — Copycat Edition

  1. I think portraits in black & white are often hauntingly beautiful! Mostly, for scenery, I prefer color.

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  2. I’m late in reading this, and was really hoping for a black and white or black and white in color photo of Duncan. I think we’re due another installment. But then again, I’ve always been a sucker for a pretty face.

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  4. On this one, I am with you color. But I will tell you I love black and white usually.

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  5. The thing I like about black and white is that you really notice the details–things you miss in the color version…because the color, being color, distracts you. Know what I mean? 🙂

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  6. Hint… your dog is already shades of grey…


  7. Pretty photos in color or black and white. Man, I really should visit Maine someday, huh.

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  8. Call me dreary, but I like the black and white shot.


  9. Very nice. I like the coloured on too. 🙂


  10. Paul

    Maine is beautiful,in color or black and white. I worked for an American company out of Meddybemps, Maine (outside Calais) for years. We used to travel the Airline (route #9) back and forth to Canada. We used hwy #1 during bad weather or heavy traffic times. Our assistant dispatcher was a young woman called Kelly. She had a family cabin at the end of a local lake and we used to go there and drink and party when we laid over. That’s a story I hadn’t thought of for years. Kelly drove the boat and she was a Maniac – in more than one way. She would peg the throttle full and weave amongst the rocks just under the surface of the water. If you weren’t sober leaving the cabin, you were before you reached the dock by her house. Yee Ha! Lots of deer and moose and other animals. Whew, there’s a memory of some good times. Thanks for the trigger Elyse. Great pictures.

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    • Meddybemps? What a perfect name! Doesn’t it make you just want to grab a lobstah roll and a whoopie pie? Peg sounds like a wonderful person to have spent some time with — given that you survived!

      I need to go up nawth to Calais. Never been much farther than Mount Dessert Island. A road trip is in order!


      • Paul

        Ha! You got the accent right! When i first went to work there I called the town “Kal – eh” as it would be pronounced by the French who first used the name in France. They all looked at me like I was crazy and informed me that the “correct” pronunciation was “Kal – ous” as in the hard skin that forms on a finger or toe from heavy use. ha!

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  11. I love the winter shot – so peaceful!


    • That’s cause nobody’s ever there …

      Actually, we were there in early November — and there were TWO snowstorms. But it was beautiful — the clouds were fantastic!


  12. That second color photo – there is much less snow than I would expect for Maine. Was this taken in the summer?

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    • It was fun — although I am not technologically savvy at all. Doobster suggested I use Power Point, which worked. (But I’m not terribly good at that, either!) You’re such a good photographer, you should try it!


  13. Answering a challenge in your own style, that’s a thumbs-up in my book.


  14. I prefer the color picture.


  15. Glazed

    I prefer the color. Looks like a beautiful place for a vacation.


  16. Thanks for participating, Elyse. The b&w image looks sort of dark and foreboding, whereas the one in color looks warm and inviting. I suppose the mood you wish to convey is the driver for using one image over another.

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  17. I loved Maine the one time I went there, Ogunquit to be precise. I loved all the history and scenery was breathtaking. Helps that I love lighthouses.


  18. Colour! Well, that’s my vote lol. Nice to see you having so much fun, your photos are both very beautiful. 😊

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