Worth Dying For. Worth Actually Doing

You may have noticed that I’ve been unusually quiet lately.

In fact, I’ve hardly told you to get your but out to vote at all.

It’s not that I don’t care; I do.  Deeply.  Elections Matter.

So here I am.  I’m not too late, am I?

In trying to figure out what to say, I did a little research, and found a wonderful article (thanks, Google) entitled:

Voting Rights History
Two Centuries of Struggle  
By Bruce Hartford

It summarizes the struggles that different groups went through to get the right that so many people foolishly throw away.  The right that many people died for.





Folks 18-21 (who could fight, but couldn’t vote)

“Language Minorities”

If you pay any attention to the news, you know that the GOP has been very successful in limiting voting, in cutting the access to the polls.  How?  By requiring a government-issued photo ID (my favorite — in Texas a permit to carry a concealed weapon is acceptable but a student ID is not; by preventing early voting; by culling voter lists; by sending out confusing information on voting.  All sorts of ways.

Go Vote!  People died for that right.  


Elections Matter 

[Thanks to Father Kane at The Last of the Millennials for both the video and the image.]


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51 responses to “Worth Dying For. Worth Actually Doing

  1. Julie

    I plan to vote Elyse, even doing some homework so I can be a little educated about it. My girl is finally understanding how confusing and difficult it can be to take advantage of our civil duties (and make a decision)


  2. Perfect video! Lewis Black tagged it. Can I vote for him?


  3. PsiFiGal

    Reblogged this on Dear Diary and commented:
    Elyse is Darn Right! Don’t forget to vote!


  4. Loved your post this week and have referenced it (linked to you) in the midst of my story on getting out the vote (“Sasha’s Mom”). I hope lots of people will hop on over from my blog to yours and see the clip you’ve posted. It’s outstanding. Take care.


  5. You know I’ll be out there and my son gets to cast his first vote!


  6. I voted a coupla weeks ago. But it’s good that you’re so passionate and do folk the favor of reminding them of this very necessary process.


  7. Intelligent, patriotic people want to “play nice,” Elyse. But, how is that possible, when too great a majority are voting who have “lost their marbles.” There seems to be a loss of nationalism. The haves and the “wannabe” haves, and the not so intelligent who are easily led, are making too much headway, in my estimation.

    Let’s put a stop to this insanity, and VOTE everybody.


  8. Paul

    You now Socrates ranted about that exact same topic Elyse. He said that in a democracy those who have more will try to end democracy in order to keep what they have – for instance a republican. He said hat eventually, when people don’t vote that the “haves” will install a dictator to protect their wealth.

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    • Vote for folks who believe that when we work together, together we can do great things. Vote. For folks who believe in helping each other. Vote for folks who believe that everybody deserves a chance and a fair wage. Vote for people who believe that not only white men should succeed.

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  9. thegoodthebadtheworse.blogspot.com

    I have already voted. I don’t understand people not voting. If you don’t vote, never let me hear you complain about anything!


  10. I hate what the Republicans are doing to our country.


  11. … uh… for example…


  12. It also bothers me that people won’t vote for anything, only against it, nowadays. The people who use and like Obama care need to vote, or the people who hate it will end up having enough votes to put people in office who will take it away.


  13. Should be interesting come election night. I’m a little bit nervous…


  14. Absolutely! If they can’t play nice you bet your ass they’re going to play dirty.


  15. Will re-blog this when time permits later..We’re thinking alike! I did a post @ Mid-Term Elections Matter Too earlier this week..Love this video clip..2 thumbs UP


  16. Speaking of voting, my mom just gave me her Carrie Chapman Catt doll she won years ago from League of Women Voters. Yes, I know that’s a tangent, but she IS a reminder to vote!


  17. I voted the day our polls opened in Texas. I have been pushing everyone I know since then.

    Great reminder my friend. Hope all is well with you.


    • I voted last weekend; I’ve been transferring my “I voted” sticker from outfit to outfit.

      Thanks, Val. I am just a slave to my dog, these days. I am looking forward to adult dog-hood!


  18. Thanks for this reminder, Elyse!

    We owe it to not only to ourselves, but to the list of people Elyse listed above and our Founders to get out and vote!

    Make your voice heard this Tuesday.

    God bless America!


  19. If you have to win an election by keeping people from voting, there is something wrong with your idea of democracy.

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  20. NotAPunkRocker

    Wait are you in VA? Feel free to decline to answer, but yeah, we have a doozy of an election on Tuesday. Tea Party vs. Democratic Party, essentially.

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    • I AM in VA — NoVA. 10th District. Barbara Comstock vs. John Foust (D). Comstock was one of the main opposition researchers digging up dirt (none of which stuck) on the Clintons in the 90s. Sadly, she is likely to win.

      Where are you?

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      • NotAPunkRocker

        Richmond, Brat vs. Trammell. Especially disturbing (well, for uberliberal me) is that this Cantor’s spot that Brat knocked him out of during the primary…like Cantor wasn’t already bad enough? Or not bad enough? Yikes!

        I am also prepared for Brat to win, but I just wish it was more of a race. Who knows though.

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