It’s Voter Registration Day. Are YOU Registered?

Today, September 23, 2014 is Voter Registration Day.  A day set aside to ensure that all eligible voters are registered and can vote in November.

Are YOU registered?  If you qualify and aren’t, please do!


My thanks for the picture to Father Kane of The Last of the Millenniums for the scary reminder of the consequences if we all don’t do our civic duty. 

My thanks as well to Val of QBG Tilted Tiara for reminding me to remind you.



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44 responses to “It’s Voter Registration Day. Are YOU Registered?

  1. But I don’t want people who wave the Confederate flag to be able to vote…


  2. Paul

    Happy voting!


  3. I am and have been. With my divorce and name change I had to do so again, I did. Never let it go to chance.


  4. Of course I’m registered … and will vote …. even though much not happening in Ohio this year.


  5. I’m registered, obviously. My state is deep blue, but there are some interesting state questions on the ballot. One of them is suggesting to tie the state gas tax to inflation instead of fixed amount per gallon, and the opposition’s official argument against that (printed in the brochure the state sends to voters) is that this is taxation without representation. Seriously.


  6. thanks for the timely reminder … and, yes, I am registered.

    eagerly looking forward to casting my ballot, in the hopes that Texas might swing around to my side of the political divide, some day soon. 🙂


  7. I’m registered, signed, sealed and ready to vote. We’ve gotta get this current governor out of office.


  8. Anyone who doesn’t exercise the privilege of voting has no right to grumble if he/she doesn’t like they way things are going.

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  9. Let’s put it this way, if I don’t go and vote, our gov Paul LaPage has a chance for a repeat and I cannot live with myself if that were to happen.


  10. I’m always all dress up with no place to go with my voter registration: nobody I like ever runs for anything.


    • There’s always hope. But the problem is nobody pays attention to the local elections, which is the breeding ground for the higher ups. My son was just saying that last night — why do I have to vote — the presidency isn’t up this year. Ahhhhhhhhh…. where did I fail …

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      • Julie

        Mine said the same thing! *schmack* It is really the locals we should be studying and deciding about, they will have a bigger impact on us in a shorter amount of time


  11. As if all the political signs on the side of the road weren’t enough, your post is an excellent reminder to get registered and vote. It’s one of the ways our voice can make a difference!


  12. I am indeed registered. Let the games begin…


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