Happy 80th Birthday, Gloria Steinem

Happy Birthday, Gloria! And thanks for all you’ve done!

I LOVE the quote — and I had those glasses too!

Life in the Boomer Lane



Gloria Steinem turns 80 tomorrow. Life in the Boomer Lane knows better than to assume that most people are aware of those people who have shaken up the world in ways that change us forever. So, for those of you who missed Gloria Steinem, here is a quick review: She was hot enough, as a young journalist, to go undercover as a Playboy bunny in 1963 to expose the misogynistic world of the Playboy empire. She was prolific enough to have authored several bestsellers. She was witty enough to have coined any number of memorable phrases, including “This is what 50 looks like,” on the occasion of her 50th birthday. She was creative enough to have co-founded New York Magazine and to have founded and run Ms Magazine. She was feisty enough to keep going, in spite of women who were threatened by the idea of taking their lives into…

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15 responses to “Happy 80th Birthday, Gloria Steinem

  1. Eighty? Who’d a thunk it?


  2. I also re-blogged! We share our admiration for Gloria Steinem!


  3. I love Gloria! It’s almost impossible to think of her as 80. Oh to be so accomplished….


  4. Sounds like she just keeps rockin on.


  5. Hard to think of her as 80 … but oh … that means I’ve aged too! .. Thanks for visiting during my time away!


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