Give ‘Em Hell, Henry!

Henry Waxman announced his retirement today. I wish him well in retirement.
But with his departure, the country loses a tireless advocate for public health and the environment.


He’s been a hero of mine for more than thirty years.  A short little guy who I’m pretty sure was bald in high school.  But over the years I’ve watched him fight.  He’s fought tirelessly for a cleaner environment, a safer world, and for all kinds of tools, programs and systems to help improve the health of Americans.

I’m speaking of course of Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA), past and future Chairman, currently Ranking Minority Member (head Democrat) of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Energy and Commerce isn’t just any crummy old Committee.  Nope.  E&C has jurisdiction over a zillion things that touch our lives.  Energy (fossil fuels, wind, solar, alternatives), environmental issues (Clean water, clean air, pollution controls on cars and trucks), interstate commerce, the internets (Al Gore was on E&C when he really was instrumental in the start of what became the World Wide Web.  So he is…

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4 responses to “Give ‘Em Hell, Henry!

  1. Moe

    Just heard it on the news. Not too many come along like him – all about doing the people’s work. That’s Waxman, plain and simple. Honest, committed, hard working and on the right side. A loss but the man deserves a rest.


  2. He really is one of the greats He co-authored the generics bill. And so many others. I just don’t see anyone to fill the big hole his departure will leave. Sigh.


  3. Wonderful article. Nice to see a politician who actually bettered his constituents’ lives. By the way, the line “Medicare/Social Security/Vaginal issues” made me laugh. The latter does seem to hold center stage a lot, doesn’t it? 🙂


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