Speaker7 is always good. But this piece is delicious.


Holy Samoa!

The Girl Scouts are teaming up with Nestle to create Girl Scout candy bars. This is the beginning of a journey that will ultimately end with me being extracted from my house by a forklift.

The bars are inspired by my three favorite cookies: thin mints, tag alongs and samoas, also known as the devil cookie.

I don’t know about you, but when I rip open a box of thin mints, I don’t eat the suggested serving of 2 cookies, I eat the non suggested serving of 2 sleeves of cookies thereby enabling me to put the empty cardboard box in a recycling bin in a timely manner. I do this for the environment.

Since I like candy way more than cookies, I imagine I will be eating the weight of my house in thin mint bars. I am excited.

But do you know who isn’t excited?


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  1. She is brilliant and incredibly funny. She’s one of my favorites! Glad to introduce you, 99!


  2. I like to find new folks, but finding Speaker 7 was a little bit like drinking grape koolaid with vodka. Delicious.


  3. Sounds good, but I am more of a candy girl.


  4. They have already created the girl scout cookie ice cream.


  5. Love Speaker 7! And as an ex-Catholic, I particularly enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing it.


  6. That is a terrible thing to have year round. At least cabury eggs are just around easter.


  7. Speaker7 for President.


  8. The world is a sad place when we have to get birth control from girl scout cookies. And who thought of this? Do-si-dos = abortion? Say it ain’t so and leave the scouts alone.


  9. Speaker 7!
    I didn’t know those cookies had scathing baked into them. I’m pretty sure both of those guys have boxes of cookies hidden under the house–thanks for reposting this Elyse.


  10. This is not good. Knowing that I can get Thin Mints all year round is bound to add major poundage to my already expanded frame.


  11. Hi,
    I clicked over and had a read, the church investigating girls scouts, now I have heard it all.


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