Lather, Rinse, Resign


Dear Senator Gillibrand,

Please consider this my letter of resignation from the Democratic Party. I’ve been a Democrat ever since I was old enough to vote. It is with a heavy heart that I must resign, because I cannot possible meet the new purity standards.

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22 responses to “Lather, Rinse, Resign

  1. You guys ditched that ridiculous President of yours yet? Want me to come over and write some saucy editorials or something? I’m always up for helping.

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  2. I agree and disagree. I don’t think Franken is a good man at all. But I don’t think he should have resigned. Short of illegal activities, the voters should get to decide. The current climate smells like a witch hunt, and if we expect our elected officials to be perfect, the halls of Washington will be deserted.

    Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, Elyse!

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  3. I’m not an ass grabber or a Democrat, but I am a hugger yet not a Republican. …. and I’m scared in this environment.

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  4. I touch people. I hug people. I touch their hands. I pat their shoulders. The other evening I dragged my hand around the waist of a man I never met. (I wasn’t paying attention, thought it was Jim. It wasn’t!) I expect I’ve even done worse, but I have a bad memory so could neither confirm nor deny the reports.

    I want the Democratic party to be a party that will stand up for women, that will believe women, and that will not tolerate abuse, assault, or harassment. I want the Democratic party to champion causes like equal rights, equal pay, equal access, and other issues many think of as women’s issues, but actually are humans’ issues. We don’t have 2 parties that will do that. I’m not sure if Franken’s accusations and resignation are going overboard. I was offline for most of it, and there is just too much, ALWAYS, to make me go back and investigate it for myself. But what is required to maintain credibility on these issues? I don’t know what the answer is.

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    • I believe that they calculated what would happen. Child molester on one side, man who touched my tush on the other. There are degrees that are ignored.

      Dems just jumped head first into a trap set by the GOP

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  5. I’m not quite on the same page as you with this one, Elyse, but that’s okay, because I always love finding something from you in my reader. Hope you’re doing well. I’m sure you’re as eager for 2017 to be over as I am. Not that 2018 is looking any better, at least on the state of affairs part…

    Hope your December is good. May we not drive ourselves crazy with Christmas prep!

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    • And I love seeing your name pop up, too. I’m not around much these days.

      The trouble with this Franken situation is that we’ve lost a fine senator and a champion of women’s rights for allegations that pale in comparison and are hurled by right wing mouthpieces.

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  6. Yeah. There are many reasons to want to abandon the Democrats these days. I’m disgusted that they are eating their own while Trump basically admitted to sexually harassing people and was elected and they are about to elect Roy Moore. But, at the same time, I think that until there is a civil or criminal judgment determining guilt or innocence, a lot of this has just become a massive witch hunt. There is no innocence possible once an allegation is made.

    Let voters decide what to do with people who face these allegations. If the voters of Alabama put Moore in the Senate than they have spoken. Let the Minnesota voters decide Franken’s future the next time he is up for re-election. Forcing people to resign without an investigation of the truth or merits of these claims is beyond the pale.

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    • Best response on this topic I’ve read anywhere. It’s frustrating. On one hand I support woman reporting these things. On the other, I’d like it to be a process where it can be determined what happened. I’m sure some of it happens but in today’s weird environment I wonder if people aren’t paid to create accusations. Really tough topic. Will anyone remain standing at the end?

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      • Folks also need to realize there is a difference between patting someone’s butt and attacking teenagers …😡

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      • I don’t think it’s necessarily payment that motivates some false accusations, to be honest. But, yes, there needs to be a process to address these allegations and, so far, that process seems to be (1) yelling and screaming; (2), ratchet up the outrage machine; (3) always, always believe the accuser; and (4) send the accused off to an island without process, without anything.

        And at the end of the day, one of the other drawbacks is that Trump is getting what he wants — endless chaos.

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  7. I like this reblog. It brings up things I’ve been wondering about, ever since this issue arose. I think we have to find a reasonable place to draw the line.

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  8. I’m so excited, Elyse! My first reblog over here! I guess I’m not a virgin anymore. Hey wait, does that mean you just sexually harassed me? This whole thing has me so confused!

    P.S. Thanks! Love you!

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  9. Did you create the bar of soap image for the article? If so, very impressive. Either way, you made me Google the reference. I am sad that Al Franken has fallen from grace. (I was trying for a ‘hoist by his own petard reference’ but couldn’t make it fit.) But, I have to say, I do wish he hadn’t done whatever reprehensible act has made him feel he no longer can represent our interests. I suspect I am guilty of liking him too much to easily let his standard fall. (Flag reference. Forgive me. Brain isn’t coming up with sensible analogies today.) I do wish we could scrub Congress of all miasmas, not just the one that stink up the Democratic side of the aisle.

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