The Day in a Quote


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21 responses to “The Day in a Quote

  1. Ah, so his words come back to haunt him … once again. Why do I keep feeling the desire to start chanting “Lock HIM up, Lock HIM up”? 😀

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  2. But he was unqualified to be president regardless of any investigation, so the FBI investigation shouldn’t have any impact.

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  3. That was before the FBI was rigged.

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  4. Yeah, but you only ask for immunity if you’ve committed a crime. So there!

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  5. Isn’t this sort of like karma coming back to get him in his rear end? I’ve always heard that “what ever goes around comes back around.”

    I’ve been smiling all day about Billy the Kid whose show has now lost about 21 major advertisers. Silly Billy and Model T. are of the same caliber. Rights of women and respecting women is not in their vocabulary.

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  6. “Lies, all lies from the fake media! Say, did you hear about my tremendous win in the electoral college?”

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  7. He is many fitting quotes from the campaign.

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  8. Oh, did you hear Bannon’s off the NSC?

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  9. Every day just gets more and more interesting…


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