Once in a While

Today would have been my mom’s 97th birthday.  She’s been gone a while now.

She was a singer in her twenties, well known locally for her smoky, sultry voice.  According to one version of my parents’ “how we met” story, Mom was performing when Dad fell in love.

This was one of her favorites.

Happy Birthday Mom!  I can still hear you singing.








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22 responses to “Once in a While

  1. Aw, how sweet. Happy belated birthday, Elyse’s mom!

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  2. Who doesn’t love a woman with a smokey, sultry voice????

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  3. troubledtide

    So beautiful…. reminds me of this version of “So in Love:”

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  4. That was simply beautiful, Elyse. xo

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  5. Elyse, birthday wishes to you mother, they are beautiful, soft with warmth and love. It’s easy to pick up on the love. Your visual cues gave me a clear picture of your mother singing and how your father could have fallen in love with her. Thank you for sharing this tribute with us. Well done, enchanting!

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  6. What a great story! I’d sing Happy Birthday to your mom, but I have zero talent and it would probably make her ears hurt. 🙂

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  7. Uhm, I’m curious….. did you inherit your Mom’s wonderful voice ? My grandmother was a church wedding singer , but no one of her children, and her children’s children had directly inherited her talent ( though her nephews and some nieces have good singing voices. In fact, her nephew sang at her wedding )

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    • I can sing and used to do musical comedies. I damaged my voice years when my dog, Charlie, escaped and I spent a whole day shouting “Charlie!!!!!” I can now sing a song without anyone complaining, but I don’t have any vocal stamina. But I never could sing the way my mom did. It is how I remember her most often, standing at the sink, washing dishes and singing.


  8. I like smoky, sultry voices, so I can see why your Dad fell for her. Happy birthday to your mom, wherever she is!

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  9. Wonderful story for your mother’s birthday.

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  10. Miss Ella was indeed amazing. Lovely tribute to your dear mom!

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  11. A wonderful and simple salute to your Mom on her birthday. Well done … and peace and smiles to you today.

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