“Ill Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called)” by Mavis Staples

My friend John posted this, and it just seems like an important reminder.


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18 responses to ““Ill Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called)” by Mavis Staples

  1. Well said, well done. Mavis Staples is part of a long-standing Gospel singers family and the gravitas in her voice says it all. My heart is breaking for Ferguson.


    • Yes, it is hard to watch, isn’t it.

      Mavis Staples is pretty amazing. I didn’t know where she came from — I’d never heard of her until I heard her!


  2. Thanks for sharing this excellent find. So many great blogs….so little time. 😉


  3. Thanks for sharing this great post.


  4. Eva

    This was good and needed. Thanks for that, my friend.


  5. Very powerful piece. Thank you for pointing it out.


  6. That song is powerful and very relevant. Thanks for sharing that.


  7. Wonderful catch Elyse. I am so far behind right now in both reading and writing. I don’t know that I will ever catch up. Thank you


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