Stephen King: Why The US Must Introduce Gun Control On Assault Weapons

I couldn’t have said it better if I too were a best selling author …


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25 responses to “Stephen King: Why The US Must Introduce Gun Control On Assault Weapons

  1. I don’t much understand the politics of which he speaks, but I certainly agree with his recommendations!


  2. That is a pretty powerful piece. I appreciate the share.


  3. Great piece, Elyse. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. Elyse – I don’t remember where I read Stephen King’s article the first time but it’s even better the second time around. I’m so against automatic and semi-automatic guns in any shape or form. It’s a given, as you and others have said, a gun in the house is more than likely going to lead to a death within that household. Thanks for keeping this topic alive and in front of everyone’s mind as we enter into another election cycle. Sheri


    • While I am more anti-gun than he is (he isn’t actually) I found a lot of good things well phrased in this article!

      I am hoping that the pendulum is starting to go in the other direction.


      • Elyse – I found Stephen King’s article last night and you are so right, his phrasing is nothing short of elegant. People will listen to him because of his name. We know the Tea Party candidates won’t give up their guns and neither will the Republicans. I know a lot of democrats who feel the same way. However, I don’t see my 2nd amendment being violated with stricter gun laws. I have no problem doing with a rifle what others do with a hand gun. However, I don’t hunt for wild game to feed Tom and I as we live within the city limits, therefore why do I need a rifle? Times have changed so much since I grew up with every truck having a gun rack in the rear-view window. Dad never thought about locking his truck when he drove it into town or even leaving it out at night on the farm. We were safe.


        • A very different world, indeed. And part of he reason it is so unsafe is the damn guns! You and I are on the same side here. I don’t have a problem with ownership like you described, but the craziness needs to stop!


  5. As an Australian who was online and following the Port Arthur massacre as it was unfolding (although the reports were limited, no social media or smartphones then) I could never understand why anyone other than military needed to possess automatic weapons. There was an outcry at the gun buy back scheme that was introduced after the massacre, but it has definitely been effective in reducing gun related violence. Are there still shootings in Australia? Yes, but those incidences generally involve outlawed bikie gangs and underworld criminals, not school children, uni students or movie goers.

    The belief that holding onto assault weapons will keep people safe is an extremely misguided one and I fear for our society when so many choose to ignore the violence in favour of so-called rights.

    Thank you for bringing this article to our attention, it was both fascinating and scary.


    • There is so much research out there about guns. The stat that gets me is the one that shows that if you own a gun you are far more likely to be involved in a accidental, homicidal or suicidal shooting. They don’t keep people safe.

      Australians did the right thing after Port Arthur. I do not understand why So many Americans can’t.


  6. foolsdance

    That was one of the most compelling statements I have ever read on the issue. Good on SK, and good on you Elyse!


  7. Elyse, I am so glad you decided to reblog this. I found it very interesting that, in particular, a renowned author chose to carefully explain his standing on gun control. I happen to agree with everything he states: he mirrors my beliefs on the subject. It just makes sense. Unfortunately, so many people cannot see the forest for the trees.


  8. As much as it would seem it would be easy (easier?) to get all people on board with improved background checks, and then, logically, it only makes sense to place a limit of 10 rounds on ammunition clips, it still baffles me why he admits out loud that it is “highly unlikely” that we can pass legislation that forbids the sale of automatic weapons. The part that confuses me isn’t that he admits this is unlikely to ever pass legislation, but why or how anybody could make a sensible argument that automatic weapons are a necessity. For exactly what purpose, other than, as he stated in his article, for killing other humans?

    So I asked someone who is a die-hard red stater, and their response was that they feel the need to be aggressively armed for the inevitable civil war that will break out in America. Their fear is that the government will try to take their (automatic) weapons away, leaving them defenseless in the face of civil unrest. They say that giving up their automatic weapons (of which they own several) is simply not an option, and they will die to defend their right to own them. Or, as they put it, will go down “guns blazing”.

    I stand looking in both directions, shaking my head in sorrow. If we do not change the gun laws in our country, we have no one but ourselves to blame when our children continue to be murdered. Innocent people will continue to die, and we are all becoming too accustomed to this horrific news becoming nothing more than just another bullet on the nightly news. (all tragic puns intended). When does it stop?

    Sorry for the mini-rant. I tried as hard as I could to hear them as they laid out their argument, but it seemed as if every fiber of my brain was wanting to scream that their position is based in fear (don’t take away my automatic weapons because some day our world will collapse and I’ll need them). If fear is their motivation, whether founded in any sense of reality or not, then why is it that they don’t fear their own children being shot to death? Rather than using your fear to make your argument, why not open your eyes to what is really happening, right now, at this very moment?

    *end rant*


    • You know, at this point, I just want to start somewhere. The whole thing is so seriously stupid, starting with folks who feel the need to amass arms to fight the government. While there were people who believed that before Obama was elected, the right-wing has gone certifiable since then.

      I keep wanting to shout that the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” trumps that F’ing 2nd Amendment (that they always intentionally misunderstand. Because life is much tougher with a bullet inside of you.

      You’re always welcome to rant here. I do!


  9. Me too. And while I’d go farther than he wants to, I would take this option in a heartbeat — or rather before someone else’s heart beat stops …


  10. Isn’t that the very best. Love that.


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