It’s In His Kiss

Fess up. It’s your fantasy and mine.

You’ve not only finished your book, but it was published. It wasn’t a best seller, but literary types – like us writer/bloggers – read it. Of course you don’t make any money, but writers are supposed to struggle.

At least until they get an offer from Hollywood, that is. And a flight to Palm Springs to discuss the film option with the head of a major studio and a cast of characters straight out of, well, Hollywood.

Vickie Lester (of Beguiling Hollywood) has a new book! It’s In His Kiss reads like a vintage photograph. Light and dark, blended into a page turner. Palm Springs in full bloom, Hollywood, stars and wanna-bes. Oh, and did I mention murder?


Available at

Available at


It’s out and available at .  A perfect book to take out to the cee-ment pond with you this summer.

Yup it’s your fantasy and mine. Except maybe the murder part.



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66 responses to “It’s In His Kiss

  1. Sounds like a good summer book. I will have to have a look for it.


  2. Great review, says I, another fan of Ms Lester’s It’s In His Kiss.


  3. Eva

    Hmm… I’ll have to check this out. Yeah… I guess you’re sorta generous. (wink)


  4. That sounds interesting… and I love Palm Springs. Only been once, and near withered in the heat until I took that cable car up the mountain, where it was nice and cool.


  5. You ARE a generous blogging buddy. Nice to know I can count on you to plug my book….should I ever write one.


  6. Roxie

    I totally flashed on Jessica Fletcher, when I got to “Oh, and did I mention murder?”


  7. stop telling people my life story using such unlikely pseudonyms…


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  10. Sounds like a perfect summer read. And yes, it appears summer might actually surface this year. For a while I was worried otherwise…


  11. Say, Elyse. I’m with Valentine—your generosity is wonderful! I have to tell you now that “I started reading your damn book,” is perhaps the sweetest phrase I’ve read in an email. Loved your response to the novel then, and love it now. THANK YOU. A million, billion times.


  12. Will check out the blog and the book. Elyse your generosity is wonderful.


    • The blog is perfect when you need a nano-break during the day.

      And I started reading the book when I had a big work project due and couldn’t put it down.


  13. Dan

    Libby: Vickie Vickie. Pronounced Vickie, Vickie.
    Oliver: Esther. Bester. Sester. Dester. Fester.
    Libby: Oh, that’s pretty.
    Oliver: Jester. Hester. Jester. Lester…Vickie Lester.”
    Secretary: Oh, I like that.
    Oliver: Say it!
    Secretary: Vickie Lester.
    Oliver: Say it again!
    Secretary: Vickie Lester.


  14. Luanne

    I love her blog. I keep meaning to check and see if the book is available in paperback (rather than Kindle). Do you know if it is?


  15. I think I follow her on the twitter.
    Congratulations Vicki! Nice to see the home team win one!


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