10 Reasons Why Florida Will Ban Voters From Using Bathrooms

Nope. It’s not voter suppression. Nope. You can Depend on it.

List of X

depends Adult Depends diapers by Kimberly Clark corporation, official sponsor of the 2014 Florida elections.

If you thought voting was hard, especially in places like Florida where during the 2012 election many voters had to wait in line for several hours, then Florida’s most populous county Miami-Dade just made it even harder. In future elections, voters standing in lines will not be allowed to use the polling place’s bathrooms while waiting for their turn to perform their civil duty. (Yes, I said “duty”.)  Here are 10 reasons why Miami-Dade county has banned voters from using the restrooms.

1)  Voting is your constitutionally protected right. Going to the bathroom is not.

2)  Voters who do make it to the polls after standing in line for several hours without being able to go to the bathroom are expected to complete their voting in about 3 seconds – thus making the voting process much faster for everyone…

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17 responses to “10 Reasons Why Florida Will Ban Voters From Using Bathrooms

  1. i just spent the winter in florida. beautiful weather but talk about living in ignorance… tusk


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  3. Luckily it’s so hot in Florida, they’ll dehydrate so quickly there will be no need for restrooms.


  4. Luanne

    It’s a privilege to pee, as they say in the musical Urinetown.


  5. Gonna be a flood at the polls.It being a warm state and all, they can wear bathing suits to save themselves.


  6. Having lived in Miami for a number of years, somehow I’m not surprised. I’m also grateful to live in Colorado now where we can vote via mail or via early polling. What a concept!


  7. Too funny. And sad, too.


  8. Oh, that wacky X.
    Oh, those wacky Floridians.


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