Breakfast in the Bathroom: With Elyse

Eva and I once talked about writing a TV series together. Apparently it involves Cap n’Crunch which makes no sense, and bathrooms, which makes perfect sense.
Anyway, I’m game. So I reblogged a post that still has me scratching my head in wonder.
Check it out, and if you figure it out, let me know!


And ideas for the series seem to be in short supply.  Soooooo, supply them over there on Eva’s.


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16 responses to “Breakfast in the Bathroom: With Elyse

  1. That’s it? Seems you have your blooper reel done now it’s time to get to the serious writing. 🙂


  2. Maybe someone is pregnant & eating dry Cap’n Crunch to forestall morning sickness? Or a child eating dry cereal as a snack had to go to the bathroom?


  3. This entire string of thought is just preposterous … how could anyone have a Cap’n Crunch bathroom series when all that crunching would be amplified by the microphones that actors are required to wear? Seriously, people. Think it through. Cheerios makes much better sense. You could call the series The Circle of Life. A nice and tidy title that marries the cereal and the bathroom part of the equation. *shaking head*


  4. This has me ponder one thing … well, more than one, so here’s the main one ….. Why would anyone want to be with you in the bathroom – let alone with Captain Crunch?


  5. Eva

    Say goodnight, Gracie.


  6. You could be the new Burns and Allen!


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