Heading upstream.

This post sums up the entire problem of protecting ourselves and our children from guns — and how so few people apparently have the wisdom to figure out the answer — RESTRICT THE DAMN GUNS!

Empty Nest, Full Life

I just finished reading an article in today’s Boston Globe Magazine.  It made me so angry and so frustrated that I am just about in tears.

It was an article on school safety.  Here is the link: “Safekeeping”  You should read it.

Then you should take a moment to reflect on this little story that my husband heard way back in graduate school.

A man was walking in a new country.  It was a lovely place. There was a river, and it came rushing down from the mountainside.  As the man approached the riverbank, he saw many people, working frantically to pull babies out of the rushing waters. Each time one of the townspeople pulled out a little baby, saving its life, another baby came by, swept along by the river’s current.  “What are you doing?”, asked the stranger. “We are all working together,” answered one of the…

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16 responses to “Heading upstream.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Elyse. I don’t even know why we have to have a debate about this. I guess sense isn’t so common, after all.


  2. Wonderful story and so articulately put. I read your exchange with “knife” person and I felt deflated. Until people stop reacting as that person did to you with nonsensical rebuttal, we’re never going to make any progress on this issue. Sigh!


    • Doesn’t that asinine argument make you scream? Yup. He could have murdered 26 people with a switchblade. And then to be all up in arms at folks cursing — an nobody cursed at her (somehow I managed to more or less restrain myself). Ahhhhhh


  3. Luanne

    Elyse, thanks for leading me to this one!


  4. It is a great post by another great blogger. And Elyse, we need you in Washington.


  5. Now, now, guns aren’t the problem. After all, haven’t you been keeping track of the murder rate in Chicago from polearm attacks?
    (What? There have been NO polearm murders? Or sword murders? Or battleaxe murders?)
    Crap, I gotta quit reading old D&D rulebooks before I respond to posts….


  6. Thank you for this one, great find. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this just pisses me off.


    • Karen’s site is wonderful. And isn’t the babies in the water analogy spot on?

      I just left a long comment over at for one of those folks who think that knives are capable of the same sort of carnage as guns. Lord deliver us.


  7. Excellent post, Elyse.


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