In case you haven’t seen this video, I thought I’d post it.


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25 responses to “Awwwwsome

  1. Couldn’t view the video, maybe because I’m so late to the party? Or maybe because I live in Canada? Anyway, getting caught up finally on my reading!


    • It might be Canada — or they might change things. I find that sometimes after I post things they stop working. Oh well.

      Glad you’re back!


  2. Adorable! (I love Frank’s pun about “Fox News”) I agree with one of your other commenters that it was amazing that the fox knew to walk up to the men for help and then immediately run the other way after his head was free. He’s no dummy!


  3. cooper

    he didn’t even say thank you…


  4. I’ll see your “awwwww” and raise you a couple of w’s. Too cute!


  5. Very sweet. Clearly humanitarians, or would it be foxtarians? Smart to hold his scruff though. Humbug on the azzhat that threw the jar out for some poor baby to get stuck in.


  6. Definitely puts a new spin on fox news.


  7. Well there re some things worth recording!


  8. Cute, but do you know that the “savior’s” first action was to ask his companion to take the phone and film it?


  9. linda

    Smart fox! He walked right up to the hunters and politely asked to get that “thing” removed from his head! Kudos to the nice men who rescued him.


  10. That was too cute!
    If the video ever makes it to the nature preserves, that fox will never live it down…


  11. I saw this on HP this morning, so sweet. I’ll re-post the comment I made over there:
    “I really hate to say this. It is such a sweeping judgement on my part and I sincerely try not to judge others. But, fox hunters and fox hunting is disgusting.

    So thankful to see people willing to help!”


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