Good Hair, Good Government?

Gosh and Golly, I love the Pugs, don’t you?  That’s short and affectionate for “Republicans.”  Boy do those Pugs know how to have a good time.  We have 14 months go to before the election and already we’re on Debate 432!

Didja watch tonight’s debate?  All 8 of them were there!

There were the top contenders:

Rick Perry and his hair,


Mitt Romney and his hair!

In third place came Michele Bachmann, whose hair seems to be a whole new color! I’m not really sure if it’s really constitutional for a god-fearing, tax hating, “I’ll destroy the entire economy rather than vote to pay the nation’s bills” woman like Michele to be dying her hair.  And just where does she find the time for the L’Oreal between speechifying that we need to change the Constitution, being obedient to her husband and not gettin’ any legislation passed?  Well, that and photo-oping for President.

Jon Huntsman has nice hair too, but nobody thinks he’s going to get the nomination, so I didn’t want to waste my hair envy on him.  And Rick “Don’t Google Me” Santorum’s hair, along with his support, is thinning. You know, most all the Pugs have nice, shiny healthy heads of hair; they can afford it.  Well, except those two old farts, Herman Cain and Ron “You’re Ignoring Me” Paul.

In fact, if healthy hair correlated with a healthy intellect, I’d be rooting for these guys.  But based on their answers, well, good hair ≠ good head.  Well, maybe the same way it did for Bill Clinton, but let’s not go there again.


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7 responses to “Good Hair, Good Government?

  1. Thanks for the share!


  2. HA! Funny blog. At least some of your politians are attractive. Have you SEEN ours? Yikes!


  3. Clinton

    Is the country nearing the position in which government is just another reality show?


  4. Except for the fact that, with these guys, the better the hair the dimmer the bulb.


  5. You know, I think you may be on to something. “Good hair” as a valid measure of one’s ability to lead the nation…. i like it


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