Reject Hate




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28 responses to “REJECT HATE — Vote Blue πŸŒŠ

  1. Yeah, but you hate Trump. So when you say ‘reject hate’, you mean reject *their* hate. Okay to embrace yours, tho. Just wanted to point that out.

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  2. Guys if you don’t get your head straight, I will have to come down there and take care of business myself. I mean, seriously. This is getting a little surreal. I’ve had canker sores that were more fun. Violent vomiting that was more productive. I watch your news. Peruse your television stations. Yeah it’s like a wicked bad reality show, and sometimes you need that kind of thing in your life, but I implore you to let me go. I can’t take this anymore, and I’m not even one of you. I’m just a lonely moose-toting, beaver-loving Canadian stuck in full-on voyeur mode. I’ve burned through enough underwear and prayed for you so much I think I just found religion. And my bum hurts. My thumb too. I’m pretty sure these things are not connected but then again, you elected a complete dumbass and I can’t explain that either. You feeling me? Don’t make me come down there. You wouldn’t like the moose. The beaver neither. And that is the thought I want to leave you before your midterm election stuff. No moose. No beaver. Get it?

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  3. I have always been a dem and will remain one. It is not a contest for me about who to vote for. If you want Medicare and Planned Parenthood and a good environment, then people had better vote blue. The reds are coming after everything that is good about our country. Well they already have,

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  4. I’m in, Elyse. Blue wave a’comin. πŸ™‚

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  5. My mom and I already voted absentee ballot. Is it bad that I’m giddy with excitement at the idea that Gov. LePuke will be GONE out of my life forever in 2 months??

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  6. I’ll do my part. Something’s got to give or this country is going to implode….

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  7. Let’s hope the blue wave washes away some hate.

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