Let’s Help The Guy Out

Two weeks ago, I got an email from Donald Trump asking me for assistance in preparing for the second debate.

John, our good friend Rob and I spent lunchtime at a local pub crafting responses.  We tried to be subtle.  We tried to be crafty.  We tried to make recommendations for Donald that would sound good to him and his team, but that would actually sabotage him.

I got another one today.

This published before I could refine it. But if you want to see what The Donald is interested in preparing for for the 3rd debate, send me an email and I’ll forward Donald’s email to you.


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24 responses to “Let’s Help The Guy Out

  1. I would like to help Trump out… of a window… on the 22nd floor…

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  2. The phone rang the other day (I never answer, always screen), and I picked it up for the first time in months without letting it roll to voicemail. I said, “Hello,” the voice on the other end said, “This is Donald Trump. . .” I dropped the phone like it was a hot potato. I felt like an electric current of evil had come through the phone. Don’t think I could handle sending him any advice. (Only 23 more days and this nightmare will be over.)

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  3. Clinton

    Suggest that he attack Clinton on her flip-flops. That would open the media flood gates after the debate.

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  4. I have my fingers crossed that in the third debate he’ll say something so outrageous even his supporters will disavow him. It’s hard to imagine what that thing could possibly be, though. There doesn’t seem to be much that his supporters won’t accept.

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  5. I think you have created a new party game!

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  6. One problem with this … Trump doesn’t seek anyone’s advice.

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  7. I can see where after a couple of drinks this would just get better and better.

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  8. Love the laugh. Would you really share if we emailed? I think my inbox might hate me forever, but willing to take that chance. *cringes*

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  9. Well, there will be this post I’ve been working on, with ready-made argument for Trump against Clinton… but I think I’ve made plenty of recommendations to Trump on my blog already.

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  10. Have you heard the latest new word inspired by this election cycle? It’s “condemndorse”. This happens when a Republican politician, such as Paul Ryan, condemns the Donald for something he says, but continues to endorse him for President.

    I suggest the Donald prepare himself to direct his debate arguments against all those who condemndorse him, because it seems obvious to me lately that that’s who he’s really running against.

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  11. I’m not a Trumpelthinskin fan, but I am willing to help. First things first, his campaign should insist that any women allowed near him must be wearing pants. Snow pants. The kind we had to wear when we were little. You know, so thick it was impossible to bend your knees, and heaven forbid you had to go to the bathroom! They should also wear bras made of thorns and glass shards.

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    • Well I certainly would follow that advice. But his fans? Not so much. His followers all sound like it’s no big deal. Like it’s normal behavior, which to me says something about the men they hang around with and raise.

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