Self Protection for the Gun Control Crowd

My husband John believes that the whole reason that the NRA is bat-shit crazy about getting everybody guns is so that bit by bit, everybody will become afraid enough of their own shadows and/or that of their neighbors that they will have no choice but to buy their own gun to protect themselves from everybody else in the US who has one and is likely to come a-callin’.  And then, of course, the gun manufacturers would get even more blood money and pay more dues!  It’s a win-win for the NRA and the manufacturers!  The fact that the country will lose is just collateral damage.

John may be on to something.  Because just today I read that there are folks in the NRA who are advocating that non-eagle-eye folks have the right to guns, too.  Not only people who need corrective lenses, but folks who cannot see at all.  In a less politically correct time we might have called them “Blind Folks.”

Now, now, don’t get all worried.  According to Dom Raso, the guy in this video, since blind folks have such good hearing, they don’t need to see what they’re shooting at. 

So the logical conclusion is that they will not just randomly start firing their guns around like irresponsible folks.  (Not that there are any irresponsible gun owners out there, natch.)  That makes me feel much better.

Now I grant you, there is scientific evidence that blind folks can hear better than those with better vision.  Still, I’m really not at all comfortable with the idea that one of my neighbors who is vision impaired might have a gun.  Well, not if he can put bullets into it and fire it, anyway.

But this discussion led me to a brilliant idea.  Now I know how I will protect myself during the apocolypse and/or the rapture and/or when the guvment’s jackbooted thugs come to my house.

I’m gonna make a sign:

Beware of The Jumpy Blind Woman with The Gun 



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94 responses to “Self Protection for the Gun Control Crowd

  1. I like the idea of the sign much better than the idea of more people with guns!

  2. Kana Tyler

    Wow. Just… Wow. I’ll ‘fess up to being in possession of Idaho’s “Enhanced Concealed Carry” permit (and I DO carry–hoping like hell that I’ll never have cause to draw that weapon anywhere but the gun-range) so I’m clearly not anti-gun at the core… But there’s SO much ridiculousness spawned by the NRA & others! Not just ridiculousness–Stupidity!

    • Nice to see you, Kana.

      I agree. There are valid reasons to carry a gun. But it’s probably not a good idea if you can’t see who/what you might be pointing at. That is, to coin a phrase, an accident waiting to happen!

  3. Wish I could have seen that video before it was taken down. Personally, I am not anti-gun. I have owned a few guns in my life and although I have no guns now (I don’t have need for any), I don’t care if other people have them as long as they are responsible and don’t hurt anybody. That said, there seem to be some extremists out there. This open-carry business has me scared. If I go into a place of business and see someone with a gun that isn’t clearly a police officer, I am out of there. I cannot see why anyone with limited vision would want to risk the lives of others by taking what amounts to, ‘a shot in the dark’.

  4. Interesting that the video has been removed. Oh well … I’ve always thought about the strong link between the NRA and the gun manufacturers. Meanwhile … great sign.

  5. I don’t know very much about this topic in terms of how these regulations work, but– despite the fact I do in fact own a gun– it scares the hell out of me how many people are admitted to the hospital because their neighbors called the police after hearing gunshots. The police show up, and the person is shooting at the ceiling or the door or something because they’re symptomatic/responding to internal stimuli. How the heck is it okay for someone like that to buy a gun? It’s not just bad for the people they might harm, it’s cruel to allow them to buy it in the first place because it’s practically a death sentence if the police get involved.

    • I’m not big on gun ownership, but if anybody needs one, it’s a woman who has been stalked by a man as bat-shit crazy as your ex-boyfriend.

      But we need sane gun laws to keep them away from the blind, from kids, from the crazy, the violent … It is simple common sense

    • Paul

      You mean all that Assumness comes with a gun? That puts a lot more oomph behind those Ninja and Spy moves. Although, considering who you work with, I hope you keep it close by your desk. You go Aussa!

  6. I think your hubbie has a point here. In fact, since everything these days is all about the Benjamins, I’m sure he does. I find myself purposely being careful not to bump into people or drive to closely to piss anybody off just in case they are concealing a weapon and they forget that I’m a human being. I think the NRA won’t quit until the entire country is engaged in a shoot out at the OK Coral.

  7. I keep seeing political road signs around NYS to repeal the Safe Act. Kind of counter intuitive if you ask me. But trying to be rational with irrational people never worked particularly well for me… :|

    The best argument I’ve heard for people all hot to arm themselves to the hilt in the name of the 4th Amendment and the fear of the government taking over individual rights is this: How much good are all those weapons going to do if the government sends a drone over your compound? Have fun trying to shoot it down, Cowboy…

    • Yup. The fact that there are so many folks afraid of the black man in the white house is so depressing. Although I did have neighbors in the 1990s who though Bill Clinton was going to do that. Those damn democrats, the thugs. ;)

  8. Next they will say that stupid people need guns too… oh… wait…

  9. Brilliant! That oughta keep you safe and sound.

  10. Roxie

    Maybe that’s why the military trains you to take apart and put a rifle back together, while blindfolded!

  11. Julie

    I think it goes farther back than the old west. When we declared our independence from England. Many farmers, boys, I guess most of the “general public” took up a firearm. I think the possibility of a gun being involved does make an assailant think twice.. “do I want to risk my life, or serious injury because I want that iphone?” or do the scumbags that do that kinda stuff have the ability to think that deeply? I agree there are way too many serious tragedies involving guns. I doubt many of them are carried out by licensed gun owners. We might be so far into this mess that if guns were required to be turned in, the only ones that would do so would be the law abiding citizens. the bad guys would still have em. You are making me think way to hard way too early in the morning.

    On a side note, how accurate do you reckon a blind person would be?

    • Sorry to make you not only think, but wait all day for a reply.

      One of the arguments for keeping guns is so that the bad guys aren’t the only ones who have them. Gun reform has worked in several other countries (following massacres). But there just seems no limit to just whom the NRA feels should be armed — they oppose motions to keep guns away from domestic abusers, for cry in’ out loud.

      The blind person would probably be pretty accurate in the strangling scenario — point blank. But from across the room? If there are others present? Soooooo many questions.

      • Julie

        It’s ok, I am glad you weren’t ignoring me!

        Maybe if we just give them all our money they will stop. My domestic abuser couldn’t get a FOID card so acting like a good abuse victim I went to get one so at least the gun could legally be in our house. Then Mr Wonderful moved out and took the gun, that was registered to me, with him. Now that I think about it I don’t think I ever reported it stolen. I should probably do something about that before it is used and traced back to me…

        • Ooh yes. Do that reporting thing!!!

          I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the amount I could give them would help much!

          • julie

            Apparently I have more money than the average bear. I don’t like money at all really, but I don’t like being desolate less, so I work. A lot. And I would give it all away if it would possibly make things better, but it won’t. makes me sad.

  12. I didn’t play the sound since I am at work, which meant I clocked how cute he was since I never had to listen to what was probably an insane argument. I expect that would make him feel uncomfortable. Or maybe not…

    It would never work anyway, he’d buy me a gun for our anniversary gift which is not what I would have wanted at all, it’s like he doesn’t even know me.. Also, he’d be going off to his gun club jamborees when he knew I had tickets to the theatre that night….

    Oh Dom…what could have been

    • Careful, Joe. This threat to Dom’s masculinity might just send him over the edge towards full fledged whacko. Oh, I guess he’s there already isn’t he.

      Carry on.

  13. My two favorite parts of this video: the guy describing himself as a “combative” expert (which may be accurate, but probably isn’t what he meant), and trying to picture the scenario in which a blind person shoots an attacker while the attacker is strangling him. How does that work? Wouldn’t there have been a struggle for the gun before they got to the strangling part? Or does the attacker just not notice the gun? Is the attacker blind too?

    • I imagine the guy’s wife (no doubt barefoot and pregnant) would describe him as “combative,” too.

      And you have a good point — the attacker must be blind too. Because otherwise none of this makes sense. Not that it does anyway, with one or two sighted individuals.

  14. I wonder if these people ever go home and say to themselves, “I think I went to far this time”.


    What an idiot, no really what a moron.

  15. Based on that commercial I think John is right. This is just more madness in this sick world.

  16. John is correct. I think the only medical condition that NRA would see as a barrier to buying guns would be the maxed out credit cards.

  17. The fact that this guy implies we think blind people are irresponsible is insulting. We do not think blind people are irresponsible. We think they are blind and therefore cannot see. That is why we think they shouldn’t have a gun. For the record I would also not want to be on the road if there was a blind person driving. Not because they are irresponsible but because they cannot see the road.

  18. And what good is your sign going to do if the guv’mnt sends over their BLIND jackbooted thug squad?

  19. He’s pretty sure of himself. This seems to be a common trait with that crowd.

  20. Please tell me I’ve been “punked” and that this isn’t real! I’d like to exercise my Second Amendment right to not get shot, please.

  21. It was the bullet proof blankets some nut jobs were advocating for students that made me finally realized that the whole argument has reached farcical proportions. Unfortunately, there’s nothing funny about it.

    • I remember reading about those. All I could think is “what’s wrong with this picture?”

      And you’re right. It is all farcical but deadly serious.

  22. Paul

    This whole conversation makes no sense to me at all. As a Canadian we have only a fractional number of the weapons that Americans do- and some of those are required in parts of our country where the presence of polar bears and grizzly bears require the carrying of a weapon. Even then those are long guns – handguns are so rare that I’ve never seen one in my 50+ years except with police and armed guards. And we have a per capita violence rate far far below the US.

    How can the NRA possibly say that guns create safety? And “guns don’t kill people – people kill people”. Using that logic then drugs don’t create addicts, people create addicts. So, the police should be arresting addicts not trying to stop drug distribution. Ha!

    What if there was a new weapon invented called a kumsquatch which would kill everyone within 100 yards of the operator everytime a button was pushed? Should its sale to the public be governed by the saying that kumsquatches don’t kill people, people kill people? We know how humans work, we know how they think – we all have occassional flashes of emotional instability or hatred or anger. Those are not sustained. We know that if weapons are available during these times they will be used. If weapons are not available, other options are not usually employed before the emotions fade.And then there is the mental health concern. Many of the horrendous massacres have been associated with individuals with serious mental health problms. If they did not have access to weapons, they may still be violent, but they would not be able to kill so many so quickly.

    I think the NRA should amend their ads to “guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people” That’s closer to the truh and makes it clear that the deaths are greatly reduced when the weaoons are removed form circulation. We should know because we have don it and it works.

    • There are people I’ve known who believe that citizens are entitled to whatever weapons the guv’ment is entitled to. Idiots! Your example is correct, but that won’t hold any sway.

      Gun control is one of the smartest policies in our northern neighbor!

  23. Twindaddy

    Oy. There should be quotas on stupidity. Like, once you’ve said so many stupid things you don’t get to say any more. Sigh…

  24. Saw this video somewhere else.
    Decided to skip it.
    The day is just too weird on it’s own without adding more.

  25. Oh my, what demographic are they going to go after next? Kids? Puppies? Ants? Guns for everyone, apparently. Super.

  26. This reminded me of the old joke about leaving a big pair of empty work boots and a giant water bowl on your front porch, right next to your WE ARE ARMED AND DANGEROUS placard that is conveniently hung just above the welcome mat. Nothing says STAY AWAY more than a huge sign of a loaded gun pointed at your head. Unless, of course, you add the obligatory TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT.

    I’ve been on both sides of this equation. Have owned guns, have believed in the right to bear arms, have had a loaded weapon pointed in my direction, and have embraced the necessity of gun control. I’ve become one of those 360 kind of people, in that I’ve totally reversed my ideas about 2nd Amendment rights, and now find myself begging and pleading for the insanity to stop, and advocating for gun control. I’m tired of hearing “guns don’t kill people – people kill people” because although that argument is certainly very true, and factual, even, if people were not armed to the teeth with automatic weapons (that are too easily attainable for any average citizen), then people would not be lying dead in pools of blood in cities all over America. I don’t want to take away anyone’s right to own a gun for their own protection, but I do want to see automatic weapons taken out of the hands of the American citizens. For me, gun control isn’t about taking AWAY something, but rather, giving something back. Safety, and peace of mind.

    • Total agreement here. Always have supported gun control, but am agreed that first steps are best minor concessions. I think multi-round assault weapons are just too problematic to control. The number of children dying at schools as a result of the ease of availability is criminal.

      • And in households, and movie theaters and in their own homes.

        We don’t live in the Wild West . I wish these NRA types would recognize that.

        Welcome to my blog, and thanks for commenting!

    • Well said, 99, as usual. I don’t object to all gun ownership (although people who have guns around little kids are a special kind of Stoopidity.

  27. The right to carry a Gun, was necessary in the wild west, when there were no police, no court system and when people lived in the wild, in a modern context, the NRA are just pushers of guns, nothing more, amen

  28. I am really doubtful that guns give people more protection than a cell phone and a big dog. My 92 year old Aunt in Oklahoma has a “conceal carry” permit. It is far more likely that she would have an assailant take the gun from her and shoot her with it than that she would be able to shoot a bad guy. My husband has guns. He is former military and current member of the US intelligence community. The guns are kept in a safe unless he takes them out to go to the range. I do not have any idea what the safe combination is, nor do I care. I have a phone, a two dogs. I’m fine.

    • As a dedicated dog person, I agree completely. Although my German shepherd once nearly got me stabbed when he growled at a rather unsavory guy who then pulled a knife. I held tight to the leash, apologized got away and called the police.

  29. As you know, Elyse, I am a very staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. That said, blind people with guns???? This has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in my life! What we need in this case is “Stoopid Control”.

    • Yeah. They’re dumbasses.

      I just assume you are NOT a crazed gun toting lunatic. (I do think our politics are, ahem, a bid different. We’re still friends, though.

  30. The sign only works as a deterrent if there is a possibility it could be true…

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