Crikey! Say “G’day” to Me New Mayte!

OK, I wanted to be clever.

Sorry.  That’s not going to happen.  Nope.  Not today.

I wanted to write something that would make you wonder.  That would keep you at the edge of your seat.  That would make you laugh with joy along with me.


Instead, I’m just going to introduce you to me new mayte.




Duncan is a rescue puppy — a mixed Springer Spaniel/Australian shepherd.  He came to us through a program that finds homes for the pets (and their pets’ progeny) of deployed service men and women.  John’s sister found him on-line, sent me a link to him on, our application flew in and it was approved right away.  All of this happened on Monday.  Since then, we’ve been in a flurry of activity getting ready for a puppy.

I’m absolutely possible he will be an angel.  Always.

I will probably be a bit scarce around these parts for a while!



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72 responses to “Crikey! Say “G’day” to Me New Mayte!

  1. Duncan is adorable. I hope it is all working out for the two of you.

    • Thanks, Michelle.

      In my next post, you’ll learn that he almost immediately got very sick and had to be hospitalized. He survived whatever it was he had and is now an angel/demon puppy. Just as he should be!

  2. Hooray for Duncan’s arrival … and I know you will work hard at making him ship-shape for the future. Cheers to Duncan for landing with responsible and caring owners!

  3. Well, phooey … did I ever pick the wrong day to be late to the party!

    Very, very happy for you (and for Duncan). Can’t wait to hear all the fun stuff that will surely be happening in your life from this point forward. His face is squeezably precious. I’m so jealous! LOL

  4. Oh my! What a handsome fellow! May he bring much joy to your lives…

  5. Oh, Duncan looks adorable! When do you get him? I’m so happy for you!

  6. Ah, s’cute, enjoy dude.

  7. Roxie

    I know I’m saying the same thing a lot of people are saying, but OMG, so cute!!!!!

  8. Welcome, Duncan! He is absolutely irresistible!

  9. Duncan is a good name. He looks like a Duncan. Duncan was the King of Scotland in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He represented moral order.

  10. He is lovely! I am so happy you have a new friend to love and play with.

    • Isn’t he a cutie? Tonight was the first day going to work and when I arrived home it was to puppy kisses and tail wags. I missed that the most!

  11. Welcome Duncan! He doesn’t even know how much love he is in store for in your hands. I’m so happy for you and your family and especially for Duncan who is about to get the ride of his life!!!! He is just precious!

  12. A-dor-able! Who could resist those eyes? those Aussie Shepherds love a job, and they’re super smart – he’ll have you all trained in no time :)

    Enjoy! MJ

  13. He is so freaking CUTE!! Enjoy him Elyse! I’m thinking of getting a puppy next year, it’s been way too long since I had a dog.

    • Isn’t he? I saw his picture and sent a long email to the woman who’d listed him immediately. John was in shell-shock for the first 24-hours after we were approved. Then he said, well, we adopted a KID without meeting him first! Then the color returned to his face, the air into his lungs.

      Let me get this straight, Darla: you’ve waited until you were going to be working to get a dog?!?

  14. Aw, he’s beautiful! Congratulations! And you can always write us little updates on his antics! Have fun!

  15. That is an adorable dog… you do know that Australian shepherds are famous for two things… the never run out of energy, because they are a working breed, and they need lots of exercise and room to run around… and they are smart, because they worked for a living, so they need lot of interaction and things to keep them busy. Oh yeah, you got your work cut out for you… HA!

    • Yes, I know my dogs, so to the extent I can know what I’m getting into, I do. But memory is so very selective! John, Jacob and I have already asked each other “Did Cooper do that?” A million times.

      And I’m sure you’re right about the intelligence, too. I’m a big fan of smart dogs. I’ve had two German shepherds and a Bernese Mountain Dog, so I know smart. Smart fogs usually have a great sense of humor!

      • wait… John Jacob Jinglehiemer Schmidt???
        And smart fogs do have a sense of humor… I grew up near San Francisco, so I should know…
        And Bernese mountain dogs are my favorite dogs ever… met one in Switzerland… in fact I met one just the other day.

    • And smart Dogs, too.

  16. Aaaaaaawwww! He is just gawjuss! I’m certain he’ll keep you on your toes, he looks like he’s got lots of energy to burn off by having fun with his new mum and dad.

  17. cortney

    Oh my goodness, that sweet face! Enjoy … we’ll be here awaiting stories of his perfect behavior :)

    • Isn’t he a cutie? He is incredibly soft too. More like down than fur. And I’m sure there will be no misadventures to write about. None at all. Nope.

  18. Oh so cute! Enjoy the time bonding with your newest family member.

  19. And it was a good thing that wore off because they were big dogs, all shepherds. The last guy weighed 110 lbs, he was crossed with bear, I think lol

  20. He looks lovely! As a past owner of three rescue dogs, I am sure he will be wonderful once he calms down from all the changes in his little world. Mine were all nervous at first but after 48 hours or so, that wore off, lol.

  21. How cute he is! Good luck. It’s kind of like bringing home a new baby, isn’t it?

  22. Aw, so cute! What a dear face!

  23. He is gorgeous, Elyse. He looks like he’s a real sweetie, and the best of the 2 breeds. I’m so happy for you. You must be so excited to have this new baby in your home. Yes, you are going to be very busy with this new addition for quite a while. I’ve been there, seen that, done that, too. The rewards, when all is in place, are unimaginable!! :-)

    • Thanks, Sunshine. We are delighted. And I am pretty sure that is NOT just because he hasn’t yet pee’d on the floor!

      I’m a true dog person — I have been aching for one since we lost Cooper last August. My husband needed to mourn, though.

      Duncan is now curled up on John’s feet. It’s been a good day for all of us!

  24. Paul

    Awwww, he is adorable. Congrats on your new family member Elyse.I doubt he’ll slow down your writing – in fact his shenanigans may very well give more blog material.

    • He probably will, but not quite yet. But my best stories, in my opinion, are my dog stories. I’ve been dogless for 10 months and it was KILLING me. Not any more!

  25. What a sweetheart! I’m looking forward to further episodes. Can you imagine the talent of the mixed breed?

    • Hi Maggie, welcome!

      I grew up with mutts, and Goliath my first dog as an adult was a mix when we had a small child, my husband wanted a purebred, thinking he’d know what he was getting. (Yes and no). But our so is grown and so it’s back to mutts for me!.

  26. 1jaded1

    What a cutie!!

  27. Eva

    DUNCAN. Look at that FACE.
    I’m so happy for you, my friend. Please send Auntie Eva photos. I WANT TO HUG THAT FACE.

  28. Enjoy hanging out with Duncan, he does look like a little furry angel. :)
    And if we miss you on our blogs, we can always send you a link through the :)

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