Everybody Who Thinks Sen. John McCain Should Shut Up, Raise Your Hand!

Senator John McCain Is He Ever Right?

Senator John McCain
He’s Right this Time — He SHOULD Shut Up!


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68 responses to “Everybody Who Thinks Sen. John McCain Should Shut Up, Raise Your Hand!

  1. I screeched those words to my car radio just yesterday: “Shut the HELL up, John McCain!!!!” What an ASS.

    • How funny. He is an ass. There is an entire herd of them, I’m afraid, and they’re all lining up to tell us all what Obama should do in Iraq — when they were all for going in there erroneously in the first place. GRRRRRRRR

  2. Both hands up. And let’s give special recognition to the media, who run their business on automatic. They incessantly seek out McCain for his comments.

  3. Snoring Dog Studio

    He is too busy trying to be relevant, that he keeps missing the mark and making himself appear more stupid every time he opens his mouth. We will NOT forget that he chose Sarah as a running mate no matter how often he blurts something to get the attention off that. What a fool and a foolish legacy.

  4. Paul

    Well he certainly has some interesting opinions. I’m pretty sure his mothership is due by Earth to pick him up some time soon. Please have him ready by the curb with his coat and a lunch – it’s a long ride in space back home for him.

  5. glutenfreeandhepc

    It’s interesting that whether you’re liberal or conservative NO ONE is happy with politics now a days. I’ve never liked McCain b’c he swings too much this way and that and is unpredictable. I would call him a liberalconservative or a conservativeliberal … doesn’t matter, because he never votes the same way twice on the same issue.

    • I agree that nobody on either side is happy, but I disagree that there is anything the slightest bit liberal about McCain. He is a self-serving SOB if ever there was one, and while he once was someone who would work with liberals, that hasn’t been true in many years.

      • glutenfreeandhepc

        I saw him leaning with liberal issues very much in the 2008 election – but haven’t watched him in years. Something the American people hate more is change and they just let these people stay in office. :(

  6. I am no fan of McCain, but right now, I’m too busy barfing up bile in my throat because our Texas Governor, Rick Perry, couldn’t help sharing his opinion about why alcoholism and homosexuality are the same: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2014/06/12/rick-perry-compares-homosexuality-to-alcoholism/

    It’s bad enough that I have to live in a state that produced not one, but two, of those presidents who shall rename nameless (even thinking their name out loud makes me nauseous), but now I have to listen to Rick Perry spout his latest pearls of wisdom? STFU, Governor.

  7. 2 hand in the air right here!! Seriously…..just shut it!

  8. There’s a reason they put old horses out to pasture….

  9. A cantankerous thing, ain’t he…

  10. I was thinking about Sen McCain the other day … and wondering, How many conflicts would are troops be engaged in if he was in charge.

  11. Eva

    Yes. He is a c#$ sucker.

  12. I was in the Senate gallery in 1997 when he and Russ Feingold were presenting on the campaign finance reform legislation. Despite it being stripped down over the years to mean nothing, there was a time when I admired Sen. McCain for his bipartisanship – the like of which hasn’t been seen in years. I don’t know what happened, but he’s a mere husk of a shell of what he was as a public figure. It’s really a shame.

  13. Haha, you’re so mean. Too funny. I used to like McCain once upon a time, back when he was a moderate and not a flip-flopper. But that all changed when he ran for president.

    • He was once a good Senator. I thank my lucky stars that he didn’t become president, though. But I do wish he would do what most losers do and go quietly into the night!

  14. With the exception of 3 or 4 congressmen, they all should shut up.

    And have their ears surgically enlarged so they can hear better.

  15. Hands raised so high my breasts are actually up around my chin

  16. Here’s a couple of Canadian hands up for you. I’m shocked that guy is even still around.

  17. He’s not even part of my country & I have my hand raised high & waving like crazy!

  18. * raise hand* Count me in.

  19. John McCain is an idiot.

    STFU, Senator.

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