Followup Drugs

Because everyone enjoyed my last public service announcement, Medical Advice, I figured you might need some advice on, umm, other drug-related issues.  You can thank me later.

It’s later.  Time to thank me.


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67 responses to “Followup Drugs

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  2. You really can find anything on the internet …. thank you!

    I must share ….

  3. Yes, thank you.
    Little known fact…after this was released the Canadian Government was forced to open a rehab centre for spiders.

  4. Oh my my …. good one … and one for me to file away for a future Monday!

  5. I’m laughing, I’m peeing my pants from laughter! Very cute and very funny. Thanks for my chuckle respite for the day.

  6. They stole my crack squirrel idea for this… but ‘spiders on acid’ is now the name of my band… that was awesome…

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  8. Only in Canada you say . . . pity!

  9. Oh my. Thank you!? I will be sharing this with some of my crack bitches.

  10. That’s kind of mean. But thanks!!!

    • No spiders were harmed in the making of this video. Except the TCH spider. And a few others. But none were harmed in the WATCHING of it, at any rate!

  11. I am in tears!!!! First of laughter than the realization came that this spider is actually my brother-in-law

    Still chuckling at the tent tiny restraint order …. hahaha!

  12. Paul

    Hinterland Who’s Who – OMG – flash from the past! When I was little. back in the late 60’s, I loved those little viginettes. They used to come on instead of commercials when we only had 2 TV channels. The music was exactly the same. But, of course they were very serious and I waited for them to come on. This spoof is so realistic, even down to the narrator’s voice. Unbelievable. Where the heck did your son find this?

    Now you know what we do for excitement here in Canada during those long cold winters and short summer days when it is boring as heck. Ha! Environment Canada is my hero! You should see what happens when you do the same test with moose. Bwahahaha!

  13. Dan

    Well, I was going to thank you, but seeing as I’m 33 on the list I’m way to late, in the words of Emily Litella, “Never mind.”

  14. Now I see what I’ve been missing. Thanks!

  15. This is funny. I’m still laughing. Oh yea thanks :-)

  16. 1jaded1

    Hahahahahaha. Thank you so much.

  17. Luanne

    Hahahahahaha. Oh good grief, hilarious. Are you telling me tax dollars paid for this stuff everybody already knew ;)?

  18. Um. What on earth was that???? National Film Board of Canada doing experiments on spiders with multiple drugs? My only question is this: how can I sign up to be a spider?

    • Non scientists do not understand the value of multiple tests in multiple species. But if I were you, I’d volunteer to be a hamster or a lab rat. There seems to be less spinning involved!

  19. THANK YOU.

    I am thanking you I had nothing in my mouth to spit at my monitor. You are the best for bright thoughts and laughter.

  20. Hahaha. Only you could find a video like this. And THAT’S a compliment!

  21. Reblogged this on kraftycatcreations and commented:
    This is a a video I had blogged on my Tumblr a few years ago and was very happy to re-watch it all over again! Now here is your chancg! (Do not miss this!)

  22. Classic! (Can I call a spoof of a classic “classic”?)

  23. Eva

    Oh, my friend. I love that there’s something wrong with you.

  24. Thanks to you, I just wet myself…
    (It was worth it!)

  25. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    Reblogged this on just another day in paradise and commented:
    Gotta watch!

  26. uhmm, thank you? :-)

    the web is a STRANGE place
    (all puns encouraged and intended)

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