Yup. It’s Monday

Here’s how I knew that today is Monday.  All day of it.


Screen shot of my latest follower.

Screen shot of my latest follower:  getcoloncleanse. 




Yup.  It’s a Monday alright.  All damn day long.  Did I mention that?


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66 responses to “Yup. It’s Monday

  1. Damn! I can’t believe getcoloncleanse (or Lady Di-arrhea as I call her) is two-timing me with you. Is there no loyalty in the world anymore?

    • These followers are all two (or more) timers.

      And I cannot believe that in spite of DECADES. with GI troubles that I never once thought of Lade (or Princess) Di? Not once. A missed opportunity no more, I say! Cheer-i-o!

  2. There you go, just waiting to attract your attention !

  3. I try to acknowledge every new follower I can by visiting their site, reading a post or two & thanking them for following me. When site names like this come up – sorry, I don’t bother.

  4. The perfect follower for you!

  5. If only blogs like that were just passing through (as their name suggests), but sadly they are like a bad polyp, here to stay.

    • It might have been messier had I clicked to look at cleanse’s website! I usually do with new followers. Not this time. Not a lot of time, because most new followers are fake. Sigh.

  6. I seem to have attracted bloggers who are trying to make money off bloggers. Does anyone blog to just write anymore?

  7. Nothing like a friendly reminder.

  8. Ha! I have Nanowrimo up too! Can we really do this?

  9. Isn’t that the perfect avatar for getcoloncleanse? Yes, it is.

    No offense but that’s kind of a sucky Carpenters song. Do you know what’s great? Their cover of Leon Russell’s Superstar. It’s their masterpiece.

    I’m just full of opinions today, aren’t I?

  10. Whoa- that’s better than being followed by “luxury cars india.” Yup. That’s one of mine. I love that one of your tabs is opened to Darla’s blog! Hope Tuesday is better for you.

  11. It amazes me that they don’t even try to pretend that they are a legit follower. I can’t figure out what this accomplishes for them. It is amusing in one of those “sorry I’m chuckling” kind of ways .

  12. Haha, maybe you’ll hear from ‘tamethewaywardeyebrowhair’ next. :)

  13. Changing directions: I loved listening to Karen Carpenter. After hearing the whole tape, I went onto Youtube and listened to some more of the Carpenters. Enjoyed it so much. Thanks for reminding me about them. :-)

  14. it would be funny if it wasn’t so annoyingly targeted

    oh, who am I kidding? it’s funny! even for a Monday! :roll:

  15. uh… it is already Tuesday somewhere… or still Sunday maybe…

  16. Am now very close to rolling on the floor in hysterics

  17. Twindaddy

    I bet that dude’s really anal.

  18. Whoa, at least you have a lot of emails! So do I but they’re all from “$hrinkhemorrhoid$fa$t!”

  19. Eva

    I ‘gotcoloncleansed’ as well… apparently. I felt nothing.

  20. I got followed recently by brownorificedischarge.
    They have since been suspended.
    Yay mondays.

  21. Too funny, Elyse! I know! Where do these people come from?!

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