I’d Prefer Flowers, If It’s All the Same To You

At my house, we’re not big on Valentine’s Day.  We have a nice dinner, John gets me flowers and I get him a book.  This year the book I got him is on the Civil War.

I don’t get mad if he forgets.  I mean, we’ve been married 27 years.  I know he loves me.

But I would certainly start a Civil War of my own if this was his idea of a Valentine.

Photo Credit, CrooksandLiars.com.  Thanks for the laugh!

Photo Credit, CrooksandLiars.com. Thanks for the laugh!


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82 responses to “I’d Prefer Flowers, If It’s All the Same To You

  1. In my house, he would get to use his arrangements pretty damn fast if I got this gift for Valentine! I got nothing – we’re trying to lose a few pounds so hubby thought his gift to me would be him staying strong & not buying me chocolate – off with his head!

    • No, no, no. You don’t get this present either. They are doing loads of research into COPD treatments. I just read Friday that the European Union approved a new one that had already been available in Canada. Talk with your doctor!!! We will get you healthy yet!

  2. That’s priceless ….

  3. Any man who would do such a thing is making a grave mistake.

  4. Where do I go to vote for “Positively the worst gift ever in the history of gift-giving”?

  5. Hey, that might not be bad. Come on just think together forever… gad people are truly sick aren’t they.

  6. Yet another ad that makes you think, “Who comes up with this stuff?” Really.

  7. Luanne

    My grandmother always said she preferred flowers while she was alive rather than when she was dead.

  8. Here’s hoping you got flowers. I think he’s in for a bad weekend if he went in the opposite direction.

  9. Gawd. Just Gawd. And I thought the advertising these days was in lala land. Just shows that for how far we’ve come, we haven’t gained much. Emotional blackmail still works wonders. Apparently. ;)

  10. No nookie for many nights after that one.

  11. good god – business without shame. why not throw in a garbage disposal and an iron. unreal.

    • A few years ago, I call the (incredibly horrible) cemetery where my parents are buried to order flowers for my mother (they only allow plastic ones so you have to get them there — it is Florida for cryin’ out loud). They put me on hold three times and I had to listen to their recording for crematorium services, caskets and other deadly cool services. It was horrible!

  12. Come now, we all know our husbands would marry a 24 year old Russian within six months–surely he could put you on ice for half an year while she took care of it! Happy Valentine’s Day ;-).

  13. What if your spouse isn’t thoughtful enough to die on schedule???

  14. Cut flowers are dead flowers. Perhaps our dear ones should start planning the flowers’ service. Practice makes perfect–well, almost… ;)

  15. Yikes, funeral arrangements!!??? Happy Valentine’s Day! Maybe it’s the only way he’ll get her flowers!

  16. To add insult to injury — the headline of that ad is about how hard it would be for him to make the arrangements for her funeral, so the “gift” is to make her do some of that hard work for him.

  17. Those Madison Avenue people seem to think they can sell anything with sex and fear. What bothers me is they’re right.

  18. No words only laughter. It’s the thought that counts.

  19. Geez! That is about the worse ever! Someone would definitely be in the doghouse…BIG doghouse…lo-o-o-o-ong time!

  20. Like I always say, nothing says romance like impending death.

  21. I’d be pleased with this gift, as I demurely served him arsenic-laden casserole. It’s a dark gift of the magi – a little Gaiman meets O. Henry.

  22. I’m not into the Valentine’s Day either. So many commercial days, I can’t shop for’em all.

  23. sunshinebright

    Ha ha! Nice thought.

  24. For some reason, every time I want to read your full post instead of just the first sentence that pops up on Reader, my computer tells me you are dangerous. Therefore, I must report you to the authorities and confess that I can’t read anything you write anymore.

  25. Twindaddy

    And you just KNOW some idiot fell for that.

  26. That funeral home has someone working there who is an idiot.

  27. Wow. Can you imagine? I wonder if any husbands actually fell for that advertisement!

  28. Ha, yeah, that kind of takes the romance out of things, doesn’t it? And what’s with using such a young couple in the ad? A few more decades and a lot more wrinkles would’ve been nice.

  29. I’d have to counter that gift with divorce papers. Sheesh!

  30. I think I’d rather make someone Haggis for valentines day…

  31. Oh, my word. I hope A has enough sense to avoid such a present for me any future year, but I might show this to him just in case!

  32. Holy shit. That’s one bad idea.

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