Vote for ME Please, If It’s Not Too Much Trouble

One of the many reasons I’ve never run for public office is that I hate asking for things.  It makes me uncomfortable.  It makes me feel unworthy.  Unloved.

Votes have always been especially hard for me to ask for.  So this is really hard for me to do.

But one of my earliest bloggin’ buddies, Lorna of Lorna’s Voice, nominated me for the BlogHer “Heart:  Feel it” Award!  And I need your vote to avoid total humiliation.

It is for my story/blog post, Letting Go.

Letting Go is a very heartfelt piece.  You see, it was written with my dog Cooper asleep at my feet.  Written knowing that the vet would soon come for his last, and saddest, visit with my ailing Cooper.  But it isn’t a sad story.  Because it is about a very special walk with a very special dog who made a very special friend that day.  Or tried to, anyway.  And it happened many years earlier, when Cooper was young and healthy and carefree.  The story really did help ease the pain of his passing, even as I was facing it.

So please click on this link, register (sorry!) and vote.  For me and for Coops.  For Letting Go.  (There’s a link to the post through this link.)

And pretend you’re in Chicago — vote early and often!

Thanks, Lorna!


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82 responses to “Vote for ME Please, If It’s Not Too Much Trouble

  1. Sorry to be so late, but I signed up & I voted! Didn’t notice an end date to this, how often can I vote? And till when?

    • I didn’t know when I posted it, but you can only vote once! ONCE! I mean, what a rip off! (I am personally responsible for the name choice of Bao Bao, the baby panda at the National Zoo. You could vote once a day — and I did. Every day for months. (I have a close friend/colleague at work named Bao.)

      I can’t remember my password; I don’t have a clue how many votes I have now! But thanks for adding your vote to it. For all our dogs ;)

  2. What a lovely story …. and, I am happy to vote for it!

  3. Will vote as often as I can remember. Maybe I will just keep the site open

  4. Good luck Elyse. I’m sure you are a front-runner. We lost our oldest German shepherd the week after mother died. She would have been seventeen in April. It was just another heartbreak as you just can’t have a pet that long and not feel like their death was anything other than losing another member of the family. Sad. I’ll pop over and cast a vote!

  5. I loved that post. Going to register and vote!

  6. Done, Elyse! Good luck! That was a great post, heartfelt. Nice of Lorna to nominate you.

  7. Voted! Good luck – or break a leg – or whatever they say in voting races!

  8. I’m not sure what I signed up for but you got my vote. I remember that story well. It was nice to revisit it.

  9. Done, Elyse. It was no trouble at all. Heart-stopping moment described well enough to make a reader feel like he was on that farm road wondering what to do next,

  10. Alright, voted! Are you going to the BlogHer Conference this summer? I’ll be there…….

    • Only if I win the lottery! I really don’t know much about the organization. I’d never heard about it until Lorna told me she was nominating me. So now I need to explore it!

      Thanks for your vote!

  11. Reseting my password so I can log in and vote… bah. Why can’t I remember such things?

  12. Melanie

    Thanks for asking. I was lucky number 13! Good luck. I remember that piece. It is so good.

  13. It is a pain, isn’t it. I had trouble voting for myself. I am not big on signing up for stuu! Mostly because I can never figure out how!

  14. wait… no I didn’t… I tried to… I couldn’t sign up…

  15. cortney

    Voted! One of my favorite posts of the year.

    Can’t wait to hear what new stories a puppy brings!

  16. Done. I remember the post – and patting my Shelby while reading it on the couch with her – her head in my lap. Good read (and Good Luck)

  17. Voted. However, I hope you need my vote for Congress or Senate next time, because at least the ballot doesn’t require my permission to let it post tweets on my account.

  18. Done! It’s okay to pimp yourself once in a while. (grin) The best of
    luck to you, my friend.

  19. That was a wonderful post, perfectly told. I voted. Also, please write that book.

    • Book?

      Actually, I AM writing one. But I cannot continue with it until I have a new fog in my life. My husband, who wants to wait, but who also wants to retire on the proceeds from my best seller, is dragging his feet in the doggy acquisition department. (He has a bit more to say about this as he works from home and will be seriously involved in poop patrol!

  20. My vote is in! Never feel bad for asking. :)

  21. Happy to vote for you, Elyse! That was one of my favorite posts anyway!

  22. I voted! For you, even.

  23. Voted as well, on the one with the direct link. (I really did feel it, too!) Good luck.

  24. Voted. You have but to ask, Elyse.
    There are two entries there for your story. I added mine to the one with the highest count.

  25. 1jaded1

    LOL I’m in Chicago so I don’t have to pretend. So, if TD, Revis and I all voted for you, would that be considered one or three votes?

    • I have no clue! I think it would be three different ones, because you have to log in (oy). So you would log in individually, I’m presuming.

      But I’m not at all familiar with this website or this contest. I did manage to vote for myself, though. So at least I won’t have a big (0) next to my post!

    • Are you really in Chicago? I thought you were in the KY/OH area with TD and Revis.

      • 1jaded1

        I tried to log in and it didn’t like the user name…boo! Where there is a will, there’s a way. I’m technically in a suburb of Chicago. Vote early, often and if you’re deceased, even then!

  26. You will also get my vote when you run for Congress. Really.

  27. I voted and good luck!

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