One Picture

You know that old adage “One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”?

Sometimes, one picture really is all you need.


Photo Courtesy of Joan Walsh, via

Photo Courtesy of Joan Walsh, via


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that a black family resides in the White House.  Positive.


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68 responses to “One Picture

  1. And sometimes, a picture is worth only one word. YIKES! (Okay, maybe two words – aw, f@*k! ;) )

    • Yup. John, you’re the expert — is that red flag a Marine Corps flag — I couldn’t identify it but saw the MC flag a couple of days ago. It is so disturbing.

      • The ribbon device along the bottom – can’t think of the proper term, sorry – does look like the USMC flag. I can’t make out what’s underneath the bird on the flag, but it could be a globe, which would confirm it being USMC – their symbol is referred to as “Eagle Globe Anchor” by both military and civilian sources. A bit sad, but I have to admit, you don’t find a lot of ACLU cards sharing a pocket with M-16 mags….

        • Good point. Still I find it disturbing that someone who fought (presumably) under the US flag would protest under the Confederate one.

          • You want really sad? One of the most popular pickup truck decorations around here is the Confederate flag (which, technically, never existed as a 3’x5′ in the war). Here, in Ohio, one of the prime recruiting states for the Union! “Those who don’t learn their history…”, and all that.

            • Yeah, they’re all over here in VA, too. I even saw one flying on a lobster boat in Maine earlier this summer. I’m sure Joshua Chamberlain would have approved.

              I am so sick of ignorant bigots.

  2. Democracy is a beautiful thing, at least in theory. In practice, it seems to always turn into a dysfunctional family.

  3. What year do we live in? I just wrote to my US Congressman and said in response to his request about how much the government shutdown how cost me, personally: “The cost to me and the country is incalculable. We live in the Divided States of America. I don’t know what it mean to be an American any more. How much is faith in my government worth?” I guess that’s what your picture is tell me…

  4. I’ve also heard that every picture tells a story, and here’s the story this picture tells me. The story of a group of people in 2013 who choose to represent their common “cause” or more accurately described, the delusion they all have in common, by flying the flag of the United States of America next to the Stars and Bars of the Confederate States of America.

    From 1861 to 1865 the Stars and Stripes of the Union and the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy were symbols of a nation long divided and finally torn apart by the issue of slavery as the most irreconcilable difference of all, when it touched off the powder keg that exploded into the deadly violence of civil war. The two nations of divided states raised armies and the soldiers of the two armies represented by two different flags, slaughtered each other by the tens of thousands during the bloodiest war in all of American history in which over 600,000 soldiers died.

    During the horrific carnage of the war between the states, it would have been intolerable and unthinkable for either side to see the Stars and Bars and the Stars and Stripes flying together side by side.

    But now 148 years later, we have this strange group of people standing in front of the White House and flying the Stars and Stripes next to the Stars and Bars, to represent their 21st century common cause of “states rights” while declaring political war on the federal government in Washington DC.

    They elect candidates into office in the House and Senate with a mission not to use the federal government to accomplish anything positive for the common good of all Americans, but to stop the federal government from ever accomplishing anything at all, by using an uncompromising divisiveness to cause a state of federal government gridlock and paralysis.

    War is not the only way that nations are destroyed, because even the greatest of nations can also be destroyed by economic disaster when attacked by a political movement of fools and fanatics who are as ignorant of knowledge as they are crazy. They fly the Stars and Bars of the old Confederacy with a mindless fanaticism too inflamed to grasp that the flag they are waving is really a symbol of the darkest, most deadly and devastating four years in all the years of American history. They get excited by waving the symbol of our worst national tragedy, and our worst national example of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.

    And when they put the Confederate flag next to the flag of the United States of America, they have unintentionally created a metaphor for what they will cause America to become, unless they are stopped… A nation formerly great from the strength of being united, but now divided and dangerously weakened, from being attacked by a political movement that is more like a spreading political cancer of ignorance, intolerance and hatred, who’s members are infected with the collective madness of thinking that they must destroy America in order to save it.

    I don’t know what that third flag is, but I do know it doesn’t matter, when it’s flag chosen by dangerously crazy fools to represent the Tea Party. Why even waste the time trying to figure out a flag that no matter what color it is, or slogan or emblem it has emblazoned upon it, still represents the same thing? The mass insanity of ignorant and hateful idiots who never do anything constructive for the common good of all, but only cause great harm instead, to everyone else and ultimately to themselves.

  5. I like how they are always carrying, wearing, and otherwise displaying the American flag. I guess it helps them remember what country they are in – not that they obey any of the commandments, of course. I saw a bumper sticker the other day – The Constitution: frustrating liberals since 1776. Really? Many conservatives don’t have a clue what the Constitution says beyond “guns” and whatever their preacher says.

  6. Kind of appropriate that they are demonstrating under yet another losing-side flag…

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    The 1700s are calling and they want their morons back.

  8. Dear Lord…..It’s so sad that our flag has to be associated with Hate instead of Glory.

  9. The Lady in front dressed in solid red with the American flag seems to have lost her way. My guess is that she is from a red state.

  10. Moe

    A black family resides in the White House?!!! Who told you that?

  11. I wish I could ‘like’ comments, because there are so many here I’d click that button for. Oy vey. I’ll leave it at that lest I get all worked up before bed.

  12. I refuse to swear or curse on your blob, but to echo a friend of mine, “what prevents their skulls from caving in?”

    • Swearing is no problem, here, except when it is directed at me!

      As for their heads, I think some people have such thick skulls that they couldn’t possibly collapse, and too few brains to be damaged.

  13. Echoing the comment, Losers!

  14. I’m pretty sure that all those hats and baseball caps I see all over have an inner tinfoil lining.

  15. This disgusts me. And I’m not the least bit surprised to learn that half-term governor from Alaska was nearby.

  16. What’s the red flag on the left next to the Confederate flag?

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