Boots on the Ground

Today I got quite a surprise.

I was going through emails listing all of my new faux followers when I found what looked like it might just possibly be that there was a real person with a real blog who was really actually interested in following my blog!

Could it be true?

There was only one way to find out.  Yup, you guessed it.  I clicked on the link to one of what Word Press said was one of her best posts.

And it was good!  It was funny!

So I had to steal from it!  Because she showed one of the funniest dog videos evah:


So thanks to my new blogging buddy, Jennie of Tip of My Tongue for letting me steal this when you hardly even know me.

I had to share it, because I tried to put booties on Goliath my alcoholic German shepherd, on Charlie, my Bernese Mountain Dog, and on Cooper my English Springer Spaniel.  They all got upset when their feet were/are cold.

But did they appreciate my efforts?  Did they think I was the smartest Mommy in the pack?  Did they so much as thank me?  No.  All three of them reacted the same way, and far differently from the doggies in this video.  My dogs all ate their booties.  That was funny too, but alas, there is no video.




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60 responses to “Boots on the Ground

  1. Congratulations on getting a new follower. Now if we could just get someone else to put on those booties. At least you don’t dress your dogs in costumes and make videos of it. Wait a minute…maybe you should…that would be rather funny and require you to grow a couple more arms.

    • Actually I do have a costume for my dog — it was a gift. It’s an Uncle Sam costume — he won’t wear it, of course. He will occasionally wear a hat, though.

  2. I’m sure some animal activist would think this was cruel (unless the dogs were outside in the snow/walking on salt), and I kind of did, too, except I couldn’t stop laughing to say it. I love how, in almost every video, at some point the dog looks at the person with the camera like, “You. Are Such. An asshole.”

  3. Oh no …. too good … .but I guess that this also means some dogs get used to them.

  4. lucewriter

    OK, I am now getting all these faux followers, most especially on my adoption blog. They are flooding in. They are worse spam than spam comments, and yet WordPress isn’t doing anything about them?!

  5. Way should be why. where is the edit button?

  6. I guess that’s way the tale is “Puss in Boots.”

  7. These dogs are about as graceful as me on a good day…

    Funny clip! Isn’t it nice to get a ‘real’ follower every now and then?

  8. Why would you try to do this to a perfectly good dog? Why? Did they do something to you that would cause you to want to humilate your friend, companion and constant love.

    That was funny though, snickered all the way through.

    • Only someone from Texas would ask that … or from someplace warm! It’s really because his fur catches all the snow and turns it into ice balls (he then looks like a poodle) and it really cuts up his feet.

      We really didn’t try it for the entertainment value. Although that was an added bonus.

  9. I did a bit of pet sitting for an elderly cocker spaniel that wore boots on his hind legs. It was the only way he could get traction on the wood and tile floors. He seemed to take it in stride and was very patient when I put the little boots on him.

    • He was a very smart dog then. When Cooper started having trouble on our wood and tile floors it was 3 years ago, when we thought his death was imminent. We bought a bunch of really ugly cheap rugs and put them all over the house. They are still there. Booties would have been better! Of course, he doesn’t care that the rugs are ugly — he cared very much when we tried to force him into booties.

  10. I must admit that watching the video gave me pause. I had to reboot my computer.

  11. Thanks for the laugh! I think it’s worth the cost of the booties just to see what Scrappy might do… My God that was funny! :)

  12. Like Diamonds on a Pig

    Why would one want to put booties on a dog? I don’t get it. To clean the floors? To protect the floors?

    • If that would work, I’d be all for having my dog clean up after me instead of the usual way!

      Our current dog, Cooper, gets ice balls in his feet and it is painful. But he won’t wear the boots. Kids today just don’t know what’s good for them.

    • You should try this with your new puppy, Peanut. Because I’m pretty sure you have to start before they are smart enough to bit you really hard.

  13. This was really funny, yet at the same time I couldn’t help feeling bad for these dogs…and still couldn’t stop laughing.

  14. Thanks for sharing the giggles, Elyse :)

  15. I can do many of those same moves after drinking tequila.

  16. I loved the snipit where the cat is watching the poor dog…the cat seems to say,”What kind of fresh hell is this? I hope they don’t try those on me!”

  17. Dogs and shoes just have a naturally bad rapport. Our crazy Cattle Dog, Zingo, would eat the insoles out of my shoes. No other part – just the foam insoles. Which wasn’t worthy of too much comment, until he got the pair that had a fancy blue set in them. Yep – a day later, blue poop. (Remember, this was the dog that ate EVERY bar of soap out of an entire hotel wing. I swear he could eat a live grenade and crap shrapnel! :D )

  18. Hm…interesting…this is exactly how I react whenever I try to wear heels.

    • Forcing wine through the nose of a blogging buddy is really not nice, Darla. Not nice at all.

      But there is a reason we’re pals. How the hell do women walk in those things?

  19. I tried to imagine how my cats would react to wearing booties, but then I realized there’s no way I’d be able to get them on in the first place.

    • That, in a nutshell, is what happened with my three different dogs. In my defense, there were many years between times when I tried.

      We also have an Uncle Sam dog costume. The stilts are a real bitch to get on.

  20. To be fair, if someone put such goofy looking boots on me, I’d try pretty hard to get them off too.

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