Don’t Take It Just From Me

I’ll be busy for the next few days.  So I will let one of my idols remind you of what you’re sick of hearing me say:

Elections matter. 

VOTE on November 6 if you haven’t already!  If Obama wins, which I hope he will, I will be able to get off my soapbox and re-establish myself as a humor blogger instead of a political one.  You can thank me later!



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46 responses to “Don’t Take It Just From Me

  1. Congratulations to you for all your hard work Elyse–it paid off. Congratulations to our country (although some of the people are committing hari-kari today and I may have lost a couple of old friends), because eventually we’ll figure out we did the right thing as a country, and we kicked “dirty” money in the butt with our votes! Well done, my friend, well done!

    • Congrats to our country indeed. It’s all good news, or mostly. Shame Michelle Bachmann will still haunt us. There was a whole lot of good news. I do believe that all the other stupid politicians I’ve written about in the last few months were defeated. Not a bad record!

      And wasn’t that a wonderful speech from Obama? When we saw him give his keynote speech in 2004 at the Dem Convention, my husband and I turned to each other and said, “can we have him?” Our sentiments have never wavered!

      Isn’t it especially wonderful given all that money they poured in, all the threats, all their efforts to repress the votes? We can be proud that we overcame so much. It makes the victory all the sweeter!

      And thanks for your kind words. I do go a bit overboard about politics every few years. It is so very important to the country and its future, and folks don’t listen or pay attention or care. It makes me nuts!

  2. Congrats Elyse! How is the celebration going on! :)

  3. Nanowrimo was interrupted for voting – so important. Won’t we all be glad to get this election in the bag and move on to other interests! Just concerned that the NY/NJ areas will have problems voting.

    • Good for you, Renee. It was a good night. They made concessions for folks in NY — anyone could vote anywhere they didn’t have to go back to their own district (I don’t know if that was state-wide).

      But those poor folks are going to get a nor’easter on top of everything else.

  4. GOF

    The rest of the world should also thank you later if Obama wins.

  5. Even with all the rave reviews of Kennedy, I still think he’s underrated.

    • Me too. Did I tell you he and I were related? I’m Irish too. We must be My great grandfather was Patrick Kennedy just like JFK’s. I am sure there was only one.

  6. Well, you don’t have to come drag me to the polls… I’ve already voted. Good Luck!

  7. Darn tootin. Thank you for this and thanks to Life With The Top Down for reblogging.

  8. Reblogged this on Life With The Top Down and commented:
    I’ll be busy the next couple of days, so please remember to VOTE! It’s the American way.

  9. I am reblogging this since I will also be making calls and pounding pavements for the next 2 days! Good luck Elyse : )

  10. With the election about to end, at least drug ads will return with long-list of side effects!

  11. I am sure Mr. Obama will let you return to humor blogging with his win. :)

  12. I did a blog to remind people to vote over at Legends Undying. One of the things I said is that the people who DON’T vote are just as responsible for who gets elected as the people who do vote. Just remember that, people!

  13. Things get done by people who show up!

    • Absolutely. And the ones who don’t lose their rights to complain.

      • I wouldn’t agree entirely, they deserve to have a go next time.

        Then there are the people who consciously decide that they won’t show up; because……whatever……some rationalisation of why they refuse to give their vote. I can live with that.

        What I can’t abide is the …” I can’t be bothered” crowd. When the Nazis turn up, they will be the first colaborators, the first capitulators.

        I would go and vote on Tuesday, but I am not an American.

        • Oh bummer — I would have claimed your vote if only you had emigrated!

          Sadly, there are those who just don’t bother. Who don’t think it matters. I actually know some very educated folks who don’t bother and it makes me crazy.

  14. I’m not sure – I think I might vote for Romney so we can keep the snarky blogger instead of the humourous one. There’s plenty of laughter out there, long live the snark! :D
    (No, I am NOT gonna support Romney. So you may resume breathing. And laughing. And NOT calling your Italian cousin Guido to re-arrange my kneecaps….) ;)

    • You’re thinking I can’t be funny AND snarky? Have I made such a poor impression on you, John?

      I only have Irish cousins. If you were going to vote for Romney they would simply get you drunk and keep you from voting.

      • No, I have full and complete confidence in your ability to be funny AND snarky at the same time. I just wanted to see if I could panic you, that’s all. Though, with as somber and introspective a drunk I am, your Irish cousins would also probably rearrange my knees – or worse! :D

        • They won’t care once the polls are closed. But since you’re voting our way, you don’t need to worry!

          Me, I’m generally a singing drunk. Or was. I’m relatively well-behaved these days. Or I fall asleep.

  15. Here’s hoping that you will be able to return to humor blogging.

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