Not too far!


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40 responses to “Not too far!

  1. It’s really not! Yesterday I received calls from Newt, Mitt, Paul,Rick & Clint all within a half hour!! Click, click, click, SLAM, click. Sorry gentleman you have the WRONG number!

  2. If Romney does win, I might actually go into a binder and stay there for awhile.

  3. I love it! You are a treasure, Elyse!

  4. First I thought you are in the picture. :)

  5. But, if we turn it back 50 years, wouldn’t that make Mitt draft-worthy to have his butt parcel-posted over to ‘Nam? I’d pay GOOD money to see that chuckle-head in fatigues, dodging AK fire! :D

    • He WAS draft-able at the time. He did his “service” as a Mormon missionary in France, the asshole. But he was very much in support of the war, natch. Chicken-hawk.

      • Well, if you can wire me about $200, I can get an AK cheap, I’m sure I have an all-black outfit around here, and Mittsie’s BOUND to be in OH somewhere soon! ( I do NOT advocate violence against people. Then again, I refuse to recognise Mitt as person! :D )

  6. Excellent pic, Elyse. Colbert King of The Washington Post had an excellent essay today on what would be affected if Romney won and it underscores your message: “If Romney prevails, who will dictate what policies a Romney administration pursues? Certainly not Mitt Romney, a panderer and flip-flopper whose convictions don’t extend far beyond getting elected.

    But the next president will make appointments to the Justice Department, State Department, the Pentagon; the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services; the Securities and Exchange Commission; the Treasury Department; and probably a Supreme Court justice or two. And there will be political jobs galore to fill. With a Romney administration, that means recruiting people who hate the federal government.

    So where will Romney turn for help? Why, from those who helped get him where he is today: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and the Fox news crew, to name a few.”


  7. I love it!!! I was first in line for early voting this morning…I did my part. Not having a land line and a “do not call” cell phone has spared me the calls, but I am ready to puncture my own eardrums so I do not have to listen to one more political ad.

    • Good for you, Katy! And I didn’t get to call you? I’ve been calling folks for weeks. “Hi, my name is Elyse and I know you hate getting these calls ….” 3 more days!!!

  8. can a picture be too perfect?

  9. I posted this pic on my Facebook page earlier! Some people took offense.

  10. Somehow I just can’t picture Donna Reed saying that. Maybe Laura Petrie, but not Donna Reed.

  11. Nice to finally roll up here on Wednesday and be able to laugh with a lot less stress than I would have had…

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