Seat of the Pants Math

The best line I’ve read about Mitt Romney firing Big Bird:

Let’s channel one of Big Bird’s colleagues, Count von Count, and do some math: The federal government gave $445 million this year to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which distributes that money to PBS and, to a lesser degree, NPR member stations across the country.

That $445 million works out to about 1/100 of 1 percent of the federal budget.

That’s like me saying I’m going to lose weight by trimming my nails.

From the Chicago Sun Times article:  No debate about it: Big Bird is small potatoes when it comes to federal budget  which I stumbled upon on

Yup.  Way to go Mitt.  Hollow gestures, lies and gimmicks.

Damn these folks who think pre-school is an important time.
Damn them to hell!


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40 responses to “Seat of the Pants Math

  1. It was really funny. :) Can it be also possible to lose weight by cutting hair? :)

  2. Why have free broadcasting when there is some media mogul ready to make $$ on its content? Oh yeah – there’s the public information thing that shouldn’t be for sell to highest bidder. Guess he forgot about that.

  3. Let me toss in the tidbit that Sesame Streets gets very little fed money, so he can’t fire Big Bird.

  4. I found myself laying face down on the bed wishing I could cover my ears each time Myth Romney spoke. Do you find his voice on a bit whinny? Then he bullied the moderator, I put my head down and gave him the salute, you know the one, yeah that one. Then he said no funding for PBS, he would fire everyone…gad, two handed I gave Myth the salute with both my hands and waved them in the air.

    I was so embarrassed.

  5. If I recall the news earlier today, the amount saved by hacking PBS funds would run the Pentagon for 6 minutes.
    Yep, great cost-savings there….. ;)

  6. I’ve been waiting patiently for your post-debate thoughts, of course you did not disappoint. I must admit I was bored out of my mind during the entire event. The Big Bird references was the only thing that grabbed my attention. I was wondering if Count von Count ran a tally on how many times the word “taxes” was spoken. I await round 2!

    • I was disappointed. Obama didn’t call him a liar. But there are two more plus one VP. We shall see.

      But Romney wanting to kill Big Bird is nothing. That good soul Rick Santorum wants to EAT Big Bird!

  7. OK, I know several others have already said this, but I have to, too…I loved the line about losing weight by trimming your nails! I have to remember that! I think I will ned a better scale to use that method of losing weight, though….Thanks for giving me a laugh!

    • Woman, you’re welcome to pile onto this bandwagon. I too thought it was perfect and hilarious — that’s why I quoted it!

      And you’re always welcome to add your 2 cents here — for original or purloined humor!

  8. Love the comparison of cutting Big Bird’s seed money to trimming nails to lose weight. It’s a great way to make the point.

  9. Even though this post mentioned math, I kept reading. But you put it in such perspective. Way to go! I get it! ;)

  10. Nice way to sum it up! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I thought the same thing, Elyse–how much can cutting federal funding for PBS *possibly* save in the budget? A few pennies, relatively speaking? Except that you phrased it much, much better.

    • That was Obama’s point. Add all this stuff up and you still don’t make the math work.

      But I was quoting from an article in the Chicago Sun Times. Sadly I didn’t think of the analogy myself. I just thought it was too funny and too apt not to pass along!

  12. My guess is that this is not about Big Bird. It’s really about the questionable relationship between Bert and Ernie…

  13. That was a great line. Unfortunately, too many people are bamboozled by voodoo math. What lot’s of people will remember about the comment is to trim their nails before a Weight Watcher’s weigh-in… :|

    • Hopefully folks will remember that he wants to kill Big Bird.

      But I am dieting so I may just try this tip. As I told Guap above, usually I just cut my hair … but the nails may help too.

  14. I never could understand the Republican obsession with eliminating public TV and radio. Our kids loved The Magic School Bus and Zoboomafoo and Reading Rainbow and actually learned more from those shows than they ever did from some of the crap on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon (which made me regret that we ever got cable).

    • No, I’ve never understood it either. Except that while we and our kids watch PBS, the folks they are hoodwinking into voting for them watch Housewives of NJ and Nick at Night.

  15. I think I read somewhere that the amount of tax dollars for PBS works out to one dollar per person per year. Even as I enter my 5th year of unemployment, I find that I can afford that.

    • It was a bad place for Romney to go, I think. So of course that’s where he went.

      I hope the next year finds your number off the unemployment roll (although I suspect you are no longer being counted).

  16. Yeah. Who needs preK? Or solid role models. Pfffft.

    Along with teaching kids simple manners, social behaviors and helping them build things like self-esteem, respect for others…treating everyone with kindness…encouraging kids to help one another. Who wants to bother with that junk anyway?

  17. Wake me when it’s over please.

  18. Clinton

    Hee, hee. That was funny. I’m still laughing.


    Can’t wait for 7 November, when hopefully Romney is nothing but a bad memory…

    • Usually when I want to lose weight I cut my hair. A buzz cut is usually worth about 5 lbs.

      I can’t wait for the election to be over either. Unless I have to move to another country that is.

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