Fighting Stupidity 101

You guys read my blog and often rail with me against the stupidity we are seeing in our political discussions.  And it does my heart good.

Tonight, I’m going to show you how some folks in Troy, Michigan, fought the Tea Party with inspiring brilliance, reverse psychology and humor.

You folks in Troy, Michigan?  You seriously rock!


I found out about this story at Crooks and, where I find a lot of interesting things.  Thanks, you guys.  You rock too.



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51 responses to “Fighting Stupidity 101

  1. Oh, how I love this! I shared it on my personal page. Debating sharing it on my other page as well, for it is brilliant. It’s a debate for tomorrow, though, as I’m on my third day of no-electronics-after-10 p.m. lockdown. :)

  2. Gave me chills. Brilliant.

  3. Every so often, I’ll see something like this that gives me hope for all of us.

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  5. Brilliant. I bet Jonathan Swift would have gotten a kick out of this.

  6. What this really pinpoints is how we all have become knee-jerk reactors. When the tea party crazies scream “taxes” we’ve become too busy in our lives to investigate on our own and use our brains. The library folks figured out a way to make that reaction work for them, which is awesome. Great story…

    • Thanks, Cooper. I agree — their reverse psychology worked so effectively. Way too many folks have simple reactions to complex problems and questions. We are not informed citizens…

  7. Sometimes you just can’t overuse a word or a phrase too much, and THIS is one of those times, because THIS is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Thanks so much for posting, Elyse. Because in the so often toxic political climate of today, in which there is so much happening that leaves me feeling depressed, angry, and grim about the future, this is a victory that gives me a ray of hope.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. It is a brilliant move on their part, and it gave me hope. And it shows that we really need to use our heads to combat the big money and the big lies. OH and those stupid Tea Partiers.

  8. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Seriously getting verklempt over here. This was truly AWESOME.

  10. Such an inspired strategy, and a *very* important lesson – don’t ever mess with people who love libraries!
    Thanks for sharing, Elyse.

  11. Great stuff with lots of psychology thrown in. Cheers Shakti

  12. It is a brilliant idea. Just too bad they had to go to all that trouble. People really do need to be hit over the head with common sense, don’t they.

    • Yes, people DO need to be hit upside the head with common sense. Then perhaps, with the resulting concussion, they will see more clearly and do fewer stupid things.

  13. As a librarian, this made me get teary-eyed, and I don’t normally get teary-eyed. How can we do this for everything to stop all the nonsense? Like vote no on social security June 18. Build-a-broom party to sweep the dying elderly out of the gutters June 25.

    • It is brilliant, isn’t it.

      I wish we could do it for everything — because you’re right. But it does show that only through humor can we fight the idiots!

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    Add your thoughts here… (optionalThis really needed to be shared. It is just astonishing to know that easily people are lead. We The Sheeple indeed.

  15. It’s so refreshing when common sense triumphs over ignorance and stupidity. Made my day!

  16. That is wonderful! Great find Elyse!

  17. Ok, now I know what we’re dealing with..TEENAGERS…oh, I get it now. The answers are always simple and usually right in front of our face! BRILLIANT! Well played Troy, well played.

  18. Elyse, this is superb! Absolutely brilliant!
    I dunno why but your feeds don’t appear in my reader :(

  19. Brilliance, and done with panache! Absolutely inspiring.

  20. Hi,
    What a fantastic idea to save a library, well done to those that organized this. :)

  21. This is absolutely brilliant.

  22. Freakin awesome. Ironic because the libraries chose Fahrenheit 451 for The Big Read this year.

  23. Thanks sooooo much for sharing that–your reblogging is a huge success. I shall have to try it too.

  24. Reverse psychology at work. Great!

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    This is fabulous! (It is the first time I’ve use “Reblog.”)

    • Thanks for reblogging this, Clare. It’s important to spread the word. We need to be creative to fight stupidity, folks who would, actually burn books (unlike the Troy library folks who of course, did not) and the Tea Party and their ilk.

      I hope this catches on like wild fire.

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